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Friday, October 3, 2008

Being Our True Selves By Tina Montalto

To thine own self be true" said William Shakespeare.

But do we really take that advice? Do we do things we really don't want to do? Are we with people we really do not want to be with? Do we suppress our creativity for fear of criticism or judgment?

Every time we do any of that, we are not being true to ourselves. We bury a little bit our ourselves. We deny our true spiritual nature. And we feel it deep down inside. We do ourselves and the world a great disservice. We are just hurting ourselves.

Now I am not suggesting that you don't go to work because you don't want to. I am suggesting as Wallace Wattles does in The Science of Getting Rich, you do your best in the present situation knowing bigger and better things are coming because you are bigger and better. Your true self is bigger than any job. Your true self is more creative than you are currently expressing. "To thine own self be true" means you know this truth about yourself and you aim to express it. The still small voice within will tell us what is right for us. That is our spiritual intuition. Do we shut up long enough to hear it? Do we listen enough to heed it?

Do you bow to the pressure of family or friends to "keep them happy"? Doing that helps no one, not them, certainly not you. We are all part of one harmonious whole. Being unhappy to make someone else happy is not possible in a unity of oneness. Part cannot be happy and part cannot be unhappy. It is all or nothing. And the "nothing" outcome is the disservice we do to ourselves and the world.
Staying in financial turmoil or poverty is not noble or admirable. It is a disservice to you and the world when you think of what good you can do with money. Your true self is the beloved child of God. It is the Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. That is the true prosperous you.
When we suppress our true selves, we often see the experience of illness and disease. The feelings and emotions that we try to bury have to come out somewhere. Louise Hay says in "You Can Heal Your Life" that very often a mental cause of cancer is deep resentment held inside for such a long time that it literally eats away at the body. Resentment builds when you deny yourself for what you think is the sake of others. It is not for the sake of others. It really is a no-win situation, despite what race thought may be telling you.
Guilt, shame, feelings of selfishness are all race thought ideas you need to release when you try to break through and be true to yourself. We must understand that being true to ourselves benefits everyone. Being true to ourselves is to embrace our true spiritual nature. Our true nature is that we are magnificent spiritual beings. We are good. We are powerful. We are loving.
We are prosperous. We are perfectly healthy. We are creative and talented. We are wonderful.
Denying this makes us sickly, poor, unhappy, lonely, and weak.
We are unique expressions of life. We, as our true selves, complete the wholeness of the one Unity. We are each a critical piece of the puzzle, of the tapestry of life. Without our expression of our uniqueness, the tapestry is incomplete.
Emerson said, "We but half express ourselves, and are ashamed of that divine idea which each of us represents." And this: "Trust thyself; every heart vibrates to that iron string."
Happiness and fulfillment is ours when we are true to ourselves.
©2008 Tina Montalto