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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Abusive Relationships - Are You In One?

Today I have decided to tackle a whole new topic, one that unfortunately is far too common now days and not reported enough. This is one place I too have been but for me I am not a victim but rather I survivor. I lost everything but I got out with my life and that’s what counts.

Without realizing how, in many cases a well-nurtured relationship too can take a dramatic and violent turn and become what is commonly known as an abusive relationship. Violence of any type, irrespective of whom it is aimed at, is an act to be abhorred.

Although men too are caught on the wrong side sometimes, in majority of the cases it is women who bear the brunt and suffer in abusive relationships. Such instances that often result in death have perpetrated even when the woman is known to be pregnant. It is an established fact that most of the violent crimes are committed by known people. It could be a boyfriend, husband, or a close associate. Admittedly, acts of violence against girls and women as a result of an abusive relationship are far greater in number as compared to those for men.

Abusive relationships have the potential of manifesting in different forms. Each one of them can prove to be more traumatic than the other. Physical violence in most cases is curable but the mental torture takes a bigger toll since it can emotionally break down a person. It plays havoc with the life of the victim and the results can be disastrous, causing depression and other related psychiatric problems. Extreme mental distress in its worst manifestation leaves indelible scars that in many cases are incurable.

The menace of abusive relationships, in the shape of the proverbial sword of Damocles looms large over girls and women of all ages. The saddest part of it all is that in majority of the cases, the oppressed hesitates to trust and confide in parents, friends, or associates with the situation she has been caught in. This could be due to fear of further antagonizing the oppressor or a feeling of being unprotected. In some cases, young women and girls keep on enduring an abusive relationship under the erroneous feeling of love toward the assailant.

Seeing the growth in such crimes against women, it is our bounden duty to educate our young daughters, sisters, and friends as to how to handle such situations. We need to instill in their minds that trying to hold on to a dead relationship will be of no benefit and that the best solution is to take corrective measures or get out of the relationship totally.

However, abusive relationships are not easy to notice. If you want to safeguard your daughter or friend against abusive relationships, you need to play a significant role. First of all be alert and try to analyze any substantial change in behavior in our loved ones. It is good to have a relationship that makes it easy for them to confide. Be sure to lend a sympathetic ear, support them, and help and protect them in all circumstances.