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Friday, April 25, 2008

What Change Really Requires

I have done so much research and reading articles on Self-Help because I desperately wanted to make personal changes in my life, but what I have discovered is that if you are serious about making lasting changes in your life, you have to really go and dig deep into your life and rediscover your authentic self. And in order to do this you need to ask yourself questions – hard questions and you need to be completely honest with yourself when answering, so I recommend getting a book, writing the questions down and answering them, but obviously this book is meant to be private so hide it away if you don’t want anyone taking a peek.

You need to take a serious look at yourself and figure out what you really and truly want in life and if you haven’t got what you want, then why haven’t you got what you want? For some it might be “circumstances”, abuse, shyness, low-self esteem, little or no self-confidence etc. For me it was a low self esteem (due to physical and mental abuse from a partner), and very little self-confidence. But as I started to dig deeper, I realized that the self esteem was a problem before the abusive partner (because had I, had the healthy self esteem I would never have let him treat me the way he did and for so long). So that in itself forced me to dig deeper. Not always discovering the most pleasant of things but forcing myself to deal with them and move on, plenty of times I wanted to just forget about the hard questions and move on, but if you don’t deal with some of the hard stuff you’ll be stuck until you deal with it.

Once I started figuring out where everything started going off track I at least had an idea as to why I am who I am today and why I choose the behaviours I choose and that is the point where you start to make the necessary changes in your life. When you look back you will see certain “situations” and the choices you made, and being more mature now, you will see that often the choices you made were just plain dumb or stupid, I know because I’m talking from experience. Learn to give yourself some time before making a decision or choice about anything in your life because the choices you make are more than likely going to impact your life later on and learn to give yourself a chance in this life. Stop being so hard on yourself and expecting perfection in everything, I am convinced that 99.9% of us expect way too much from ourselves and when we don’t achieve what we want first time or something isn’t perfect the first time then we come down on ourselves like a ton of bricks, and the sad part is that many of you don’t realize you are doing it, it may be consciously or subconsciously. Take time to look at what is happening and why.

My saving grace came at a very low point in my life, I purchased a copy of the book
How to Manifest a Miracle by Gary Evans, mainly because I just wanted a damn miracle in my life, something to give me a reason to carry on living. Well I really want to recommend this book to anyone who isn’t living the life they truly want, because it was such an eye opener for me and the best part is that his step by step details are the easiest to follow, doesn’t take hours out of your day and when doing what he suggests you start to feel good about yourself again. This book now comes in a package with mp3 audio’s, worksheets, a workbook, videos etc and is an absolute awesome package for anyone wanting to change any part of their lives.

I am currently working with worksheets and books called Success Mindset Secrets which can be found at all I did was sign up for the free ecourse and books (under free stuff). The questions in the worksheets book are tough, some are a piece of cake but others are tough and requires a little digging into your past. I am not an affiliate for Mind Power Marketing, I don’t get a cent from them but I know that these books and worksheets can give you an idea of the kinds of questions you need to ask yourself. But at the same time I would urge you to purchase How to Manifest a Miracle by Gary Evans, it’s a low once off price that is worth it’s weight in gold if you are serious about changing your life.

Asking yourself the hard questions and rediscovering your authentic self and rediscovering your dreams is a life journey I would encourage you all to take, remembering there will be things you won’t particularly want to remember but it is essential for a change for the better. I am still on this life journey and enjoying every minute of it, because my life is changing in so many different ways in so many areas. All I can say is stop settling for second best, you deserve better and can have better.

Books available at:
How to Manifest a Miracle

I sincerely hope that this article has given you the motivation or inspiration to go ahead and make the changes in order to live a more fulfilling life.