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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Accomplishing Your Dreams Requires Balance

Achieving balance in our lives is accomplished by saying no when we need to and learning to set boundaries and prioritizing. We cannot achieve balance without understanding what our particular needs are and therefore remembering that balance is different for everyone. It means that you have identified your priorities and have not overextended yourself. Balance means you are aware of the dangers of burnout. and that when asked the question, "Are you happy?" you can answer yes.

The following are 4 core values to live by
#1 No Guilt Allowed
One of the biggest struggles for women today is learning to say no without feeling guilty. Guilt will only hold you back from many of the goals you want to accomplish if you let it. Guilt doesn't make you a better mother, or employee, or even more fit. Most of us know this, yet we still allow ourselves to fester in guilt. Guilt actually creates an imbalance in your life because you are left with feelings of inadequacy.
From now on when guilt creeps into your life take action by noticing that the emotion is present and replace it with positive choices or joy as quickly as you can. As you retrain yourself to get rid of the guilt, you will notice how much easier it gets to move forward and accomplish your goals.
#2 Embrace Positive Choices
"The art of positive choices helps you to create the life you want. Positive choices help you to discover what truly makes you happy and realign your priorities. Life is a series of additions and subtractions. You control the calculator."
~ Gail McMeekin ~
Achieving balance in your life is being able to make positive choices. What are positive choices - these are choices that propel you forward, they benefit your mind, your body, and your soul. These choices allow you to feel productive and focused because they are in alignment with what you really want to do on a daily basis. And remember - how we live our days is indeed how we live our lives.
#3 Cultivating Moments of Pure Joy
"The worst sin-perhaps the only sin-passion can commit, is to be joyless."
~ Dorothy Sayers ~
One of the best things I personally ever did was follow my heart when EVERYONE else thought I was crazy. The first time I did this-I was scared, but at the time I was so miserable, I didn't really feel like I had a choice. From that experience I learned to trust my gut and I learned that to follow my dreams meant that I was the architect of my life and that it was actually up to me to cultivate moments of pure joy in my life. For me - that means I spend most of my time either doing what I want to, having fun or I am in the process of creating. Creating - for me is writing or helping others. To follow your dreams-you will have to take giant leaps and be willing to get your hands dirty before you learn how to cultivate a life full of joy.
#4 Practice Conscious Living
Another core value that will help you achieve balance is to practice conscious living.
People who achieve their dreams do it with a plan. They start out simply doing something they are passionate about, but eventually to achieve substantial results, they have to sit down and map out a plan. They make changes in their lives and begin to live in a very conscious way. They begin to pay attention to what they say yes and no to. They begin to choose how they react to negative people and situations. They begin to consciously choose to surround themselves with other people who had fun accomplishing their dreams. They decide to be disciplined about their choices and they also choose to consciously enjoy every moment they can going forward.
From today, begin to practice conscious living, make sure you aren’t living on autopilot. How do we know if we are on autopilot??? Sometimes making excuses or blaming others can be sign. Sometimes situations in our lives or behaviours learned in childhood can be why we don’t know how to live in a conscious way. I love the phrase “You do better when you know better”. Don’t look back, just look forward and don’t wait another minute, another day or another week or year to get busy living your life in a way that feels good or joyful to you.


Susan said...

Thanks for the wonderful reminder. Guilt certainly does erodes joy and happiness. I enjoy your blog.