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Friday, July 18, 2008

Listening and The Law of Attraction

There are so many different potential applications to the Law of Attraction that one could easily get confused and even lost in all of that potential. Experimentation is the most fruitful method of learning to apply anything and especially the Law of Attraction.

One area of interest to me is in how our listening affects that which we attract to ourselves. I define listening as something heard, felt, read or observed. We can listen to our surroundings by observing, listen to someone speaking by hearing them, listen to a writer by reading what they’ve written or listen to ourselves by being aware of how we feel.

There are many more examples, can you name a few?

Most people believe that listening is a very passive action however; my experiments have shown me that it is something quite different. Listening is a dynamic action and when we do it deliberately we affect how we experience our lives in a profound way.

Most of us are quite rational in our thinking so a little proof might be in order. Try this: The next two people you come across in your day listen to them deliberately. When you encounter the first person, make a conscious decision to listen to them as though they are the world’s greatest leader. Take just a second or two and imagine how you would feel if you were talking to a world leader. Then listen to that person and pay attention to how you hear what they say. Is it different then how you usually hear them?

When person number 2 shows up, make the conscious choice to listen to them as though they are the funniest person you have ever met, taking a few seconds to imagine laughing a belly laugh. Now pay attention to how you hear what that person says. The expectation that person number 2 will be funny should provide for a few good laughs.

Assuming your little experiment was successful (and if it wasn’t just keep repeating it, it may take a little practice) imagine for a minute what might change around your house if you started listening to your teenager or spouse differently.

It’s also useful to remember this when you are out and about in the world. Often times people wait in line at the customer serve desk anticipating that the clerk on the other side of the desk will be distant and not very helpful. Well guess what happens when they get to the clerk?

How we listen to people is just as much an intention as anything else. And often we decide how to listen to people (or our environment, ourselves or a writer) out of habit. If a child is normally mouthy, as soon as he begins to speak most of us would just fall into our habit of listening to him as a disrespectful kid. What would happen if we listened to that same child as if he were brilliant, or gentle or full of creativity?

We can attract the behavior we want from others; we just have to make the choice to listen to them differently. It is the most allowing place we can be when we hear people in a way that they don’t normally show up.

Want to change the world? Try listening to it differently!


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