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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Can I Use Law of Attraction to Improve an Existing Relationship?

Like many people, you may have an existing relationship in your life that doesn’t feel good for you? Do you catch yourself saying, “They bring me down,” or maybe you resist taking a telephone call from a certain person? Is there someone you avoid at your workplace? What about at home? Is there negativity between you and your children or your spouse?

Yes, you can improve any relationship using the Law of Attraction and here’s why. If you are attracting it (negative aspects of a relationship) then you’ve been sending out a vibration that matched it. You may be thinking, “I didn’t put it out there that I wanted negativity between my spouse and I or that I have to work with a rude boss every day!” Well, actually you did even without knowing it! Remember, the Law of Attraction is working all the time. It’s matching the vibration you are sending whether it is negative or positive or whether you like it or don’t like it.

If you are getting negative relationships you are giving off a matching vibration – that’s the rule of Law of Attraction.

The question you may have is, “What was I doing that caused me to attract this into my current relationship?”

Observing anything causes you to send a matching vibration of what you were observing. If you are watching something -- you are sending out the vibration that matches your observation. If you are listening to something, perhaps a negative conversation, the same thing occurs; you emit a matching vibration.

In your observation of what you don’t want, you are giving it your attention, energy and focus.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t know whether you want it or don’t want it or whether it’s good for you or bad for you. It simply does its job! It matches your vibration and sends you more of the same.

3 Tips on How to Reset Your Vibe With an Existing Relationship

Tip #1. Deliberately Spend More Time Observing What You DO Like.

For instance, maybe your mate is a good listener. Maybe you are taken out to dinner once a week. Find things that you resonate with and deliberately spend more time focusing on them and celebrating them.

Tip #2. When You See What You Don’t Like, Shift Your Focus.

If your spouse or partner takes the garbage out faithfully but leaves clothes all over the bedroom, observe them taking the garbage out. If your child does a great job of loading up the dishwasher, focus on that instead of their messy bedroom. In other words, when you catch yourself observing what you don’t like, reset your focus by asking yourself, How would I like this to be? Example: You observe that your partner never takes interest in your projects or your work. When you catch yourself focusing on those thoughts ask the question, How would I like it to be? Spend a moment thinking about your ideal match with your partner. Reset your thoughts with these sorts of words; “My ideal partner loves to hear about my success projects."

If you are observing your spouse complaining about the same things over and over again, you would reset your thoughts and say something like; ”I love when my spouse is positive and uplifting."

Tip #3. Spend Time Remembering the Positive Way It Was.

Give more attention, energy and focus to the way it was…remembering special moments together. It could be a nice holiday you had together or simply sharing foot massages last week.

You are including the vibration of the way you would like it to be! Remember, Law of Attraction doesn't know if you are pretending, day dreaming, imagining or writing in your journal. It simply matches your vibration and sends you more of the same.

Decide to become more deliberate in what you observe and focus on. If you are someone who is thinking this won’t help MY relationship, just give it a try and you’ll soon be celebrating the positive changes in all your relationships! Your results are a direct reflection of the vibration you are sending.


Tomas Karkalas said...

Dear Meredith,
Thank You!
While reading your blog, I was as visually comforted, as deeply touched by your word mentally. Life's Journeys radiate the light that knows no darkness.
Dear Meredith, you warmed my heart. I awake literally- Thanks once again.

Vanessa said...

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