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Monday, March 16, 2009

Do You Love Yourself 100 Percent?

The keyword here is of course the "100 percent". Surprisingly or not surprisingly, most of us do not love our own selves that much.

Over the years I have come across messages relating to loving yourself and all that. But, it really bought home for me this very question when I finished reading a book by Gay Hendricks. It is titled Learning To Love Yourself. Gay is a professor in counseling psychology and a world renowned author, as I come to know.

Back to the question. Why 100 percent is so important, you might ask. Allow me to share my way of understanding it. I am using "we" to mean each and every one of us (including myself of course) to make the points clearer.

We are carrying an invisible bag of rubbish, the "stuff" that we don't like, don't want to talk about, or even think about. It all relates to past experiences back to even our childhood days. It contains anger, hatred, guilt, argument, reprimand, shame, discontent, distrust, malice, and all those bad things. The problem is that this bag of stuff is getting bigger and bigger, and one day it will haunt us big time.

We need to learn to love ourselves live. By first accepting, and then loving the way we are is the only way to liberate ourselves and to give us the peace inside and out. We have to deal with each of these hidden feelings or stuff one by one. Don't suppress it as we usually do. Recognize it, bring it to the open, experience it in your mind, feel it, and accept it, and love yourself even with it. It is kind of like shaking hands with these stuff, and letting go. Bottom-line, we love ourselves as a whole. It is a wholesome love, not selective love. I tried it and I could feel the relief almost immediately.

Everything happens for a reason. The things we encounter, good or bad, all help to mold us. It is part of our growing up. It completes us. Bad things might not be so bad after all if we learn and become wiser.

Love our enemy by starting loving ourselves. When we liberate ourselves by letting go all those negativity, and loving ourselves in a wholesome manner, our mind and heart are in congruency.

We are in peace, at ease, and in harmony. We start seeing thing differently. We appreciate life more.