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Friday, March 20, 2009

Friendship It is the Key to Happiness

Human beings are basically gregarious by nature.They are constantly in search for varied facets of 'friendship' like warmth, understanding, companionship, empathy and sympathy. It is a pity that very often, in their relentless search for it, they fail and that is the tragedy of life. I truly wonder how many of my readers can sincerely claim to have friends,who would genuinely cater to the above-mentioned needs.

Of course, most of you would instantly chuckle "I have several good friends." To this I have no qualms, no wish to dispute on that score. No doubt, you have persons in your social circle, who are 'good' enough to spend time with, chatting about your husband, your home, your children or perhaps even your latest clothes or hair-do! No doubt, you even have several good friends to go to movies, picnics and parties with.

Now tell me honestly, how many of these so-called friends would come to seek you in your hour of need, who would run to you as fast when you have an empty pocket as when you were a social magnate; who would love you for what you really are and not in accordance to what you could do for them? If you are indeed lucky to have even a couple of such genuine friends, then my sincere advice to you is to hold fast to such friends. I mean treasure them, and see to it that you make yourself truly deserve such friends, for your life will be richer for having gained their friendship and your world poorer, for having lost it.

A psychologist once asked a group of college students to jot down in thirty seconds the initials of the people they disliked. Very few could think of only one or two people. A large majority of participants listed as many as twelve to fifteen. The interesting fact that came out of this random survey was that those who disliked the largest number were themselves the most widely disliked. Thus it can be rightly conceded that the law of life is "'What you give, you get - for it is in giving that we receive." and this is especially true of friendship.

Friendship is ultimately the key to happiness which in turn implies that true and lasting happiness depends to a large extent on the company we keep, and our "real" friends whom we hold close to our hearts. If we contend to agree that our happiness is dependent on the happiness of those we love, then it is natural that we seek not what our friend can do for us but rather, what we can and most importantly want to do for our friend. Those of you who feel deprived of "true friendship", my plea is to search your mind and hearts and find out honestly if you have paused once to realize what sort of friend are you. In short, are you yourself, a true or "real" friend?

I will end on the following quotation: "A true friend may well be reckoned a masterpiece of Nature." Ralph Waldo Emerson