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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Feelings and the Law of Attraction - Are You Making This Critical Mistake?

The role that positive feelings have on our ability to manifest in the world has been both misunderstood and oversimplified. For example, it has been claimed that our feelings are like magnets that attract situations, people and things of "like vibration." If we're feeling bad, the theory goes, we'll attract more bad stuff. In her 1999 book Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting author Lynn Grabhorn wrote: "We send magnetic feelings out, and the universe obediently delivers." Her basic message back then was: "Focus on what you want, not on what you don't want" because "feelings are the magic genie of all creation."

To her credit, Grabhorn mentioned that feeling good (joy, appreciation, love, elation etc.) is associated with the qualities of the inner being, the higher self. She wrote further that when you're in sync with your higher self, you're in that space where you can get answers and guidance from the universe, and you want to follow that guidance. But her mistake was to focus on "flipping" one's feelings from bad to good, and fast. Superficially making yourself feel good as a way to get connected doesn't make sense.
It's true that when you're in tune with your higher self, when you're connected to your higher self, you will feel good and you'll have access to the magic of interconnectedness--synchronicities, new insights, the state of flow, signs from the universe, and universal cooperation--all of which will give you joy. However, the converse of this statement is not necessarily true: If you feel good, then you're connected to your higher self is likely not to be true. Focusing on making yourself feel good and "vibrating those good feelings" as a way of getting into the space of the higher self (which is then supposed to attract anything you want from the universe) is an example of logic used incorrectly. A positive, can-do attitude is a good thing, but superficially feeling good doesn't equate with being connected with your higher self.

I found through firsthand experience that things work like so:
1. Connect to your higher self first
Your feelings don't matter here in your ability to connect. In fact, feeling awful may help facilitate your connection because your sincerity and desire to connect will be real and deep.
2. Follow through on your inner guidance
Again, this may not always make you feel better instantly because sometimes you'll be tested.
Will you follow through when doing so will cause you to step outside your comfort zone? Will you follow through when you're scared, or when you go against the expectations of those close to you? It's normal that your feelings go up and down and up and down as if you're on a rollercoaster when you go through this process.
3. Feel the joy
When you mustered up the courage to follow through when it was a bit challenging for you and experienced some amazing synchronicities and results, you will feel joy because 1. you went ahead and achieved results even though it was a bit scary, and 2. your heart and soul have been heard. And because your higher self has been heard, the relationship with that part of you will deepen and your confidence in your connection will grow. (A question to ponder: How can you expect to feel good if you constantly go against your heart and soul?)
So don't worry about trying to make yourself feel good when you really don't. (Besides, when you feel bad, and then turn things around and feel good, you'll appreciate it more.) Instead, connect to your higher self and follow through on your inner guidance, your soul's plan--and you'll find yourself more joyful, peaceful, as well as accomplished.