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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Learn ways to motivate yourself

Being motivated in life is quite difficult with showers of sadness and sorrow that soak us from time to time. You just struggle out of one stormy weather only to get into another.
At this time the mind conjures negative emotions and with increasing bitter incidents it gets ugly. For instance you start your own business, but burn your fingers and when you try to withdraw you only realise you are neck deep in debt. So how do you overcome such untoward accidents? Well as it is said, ‘it’s all in the mind’.
If you are feeling negative, your mind builds a consortium of negativity, but if there have positive thoughts then your mind will flood you with all the goodness in the world. So how do you shift the direction of your mind?
First understand yourself and your thoughts. Learn what situations pinch you and what bring a smile to your face. So for instance when in a bad mood you meet your friends baby on the way and play with it, suddenly you have forgotten all your worries, then you know what calms you. Similarly know what triggers your emotion and try to keep away from it.
There are basically three foundational reasons why you lose motivation in life.
a) Lack of confidence – So you want to learn cooking but create a blunder every time you enter the kitchen. Now you think you are not fit to be in the kitchen and give up. Moreover if someone says that you are horrible in the kitchen it adds to your gloominess and increases negativity. All this is simply because you lose confidence in yourself.
b) No focus – You do not know what it is it you want. You are giving all your attention to the things you do not have. A designer dress, coveted furniture or that pricey promotion. This makes you jealous of people who posses those things and changes your attitude towards them.
c) The direction – you do not know where you are heading. You want to buy a house but do not know which one to pick. You finding it difficult to arrange for the down payment and so are in panic. This occurs because you are not taking one step at a time. You lacked homework and are now in the lurch.
Now that you know the reasons lets look at the solutions.
a) Build your confidence – list down all your positive aspects and the negative aspects. Now look at how you can better your positive and cut down the negativity. Read books on how to get better, exercise and eat healthy. Look into the mirror daily and say, ‘yes I can do it!’ Then you can cook or do whatever you want.
b) Increase concentration – whenever your mind wanders away try to get it back on track. Your mind follows a pattern; once you can crack the pattern you can amend it too. Think of yourself as you have the dress, the furniture you dream of or the promotion you seek and soon you will have it.
c) Know where you are heading – write the list of things you want to do. Then take up one at a time and study it thoroughly. Make up your mind on do’s and don’ts. Take some professional help if you need.
So if you want to buy a house, what is the first step? Sought out your money and put everything in writing. This serves as a ready reckoner whenever you want to fall back on it.Always remember there is no one perfect in this world.
So do not be disheartened if you do not succeed. Be yourself and improve yourself – your dreams are then not far away. Let your peers enhance your motivation level through communication, wisdom and team building activities. Motivation helps in improving your communication skills, enhancing confidence and achieving success.