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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Start your day with Happiness!

Happiness, Love, Luck…… Are you looking for that?
Then be ready to commit yourself to be happy.
Put now all your worries, troubles, doubts into the hand and blow it strong away. Try to start each day with the following proven recommendations and you will meet a lot of positive changes one by one each day.
Do you know that the ocean starts from drop? Take your chance to dive later in the ocean of happiness doing these small things each day:
1) Put a smile on your face when you get up in the morning (you will recognize that you are not used to that)! DO IT! It means – I give a good chance for all good things to happen during this day. Say “GOOD morning” first to yourself and then to everyone else.
2) NO BAD WORDS! Kick them out from your mind and mouth!For a lot of people it is one of the most difficult tasks, but think now how many times per day you say sh.t, f..k, d..n and so on? And you expect positive changes?
4) DON’T BLAME neither yourself nor the others.
5) NO sad, depressive, fatal books, songs or TV programs.
6) Love yourself! YOU ARE the unique person! Say to yourself often how much you love yourself.
7) When you say “THANK YOU” to someone during day, please, mean it in deed. The same when you ask someone “HOW ARE YOU?” – mean it indeed!!! You will feel the difference! People will get warmer to you!
8) If someone tries to spoil your mood, don’t react on it. Say “Thank you very much!” Why? - Because this person gives you the lesson of patience. Be above such provocations!
9) If you have a dream to learn something, or to start searching for another job – DO IT NOW! Change your life TODAY! Do you think that you can follow these recommendations at least for one week? Great! Then be ready for happy surprises soon.
Find your happiness and attract positive things into your life. Make your wishes to come true. It is more than possible.


Christine said...

I've noticed that #5 is one of the hardest to keep up with. Mostly because there are so much that is based on sad and depressing issues. I try very hard to keep away from these things. I'm thinking of posting a list of uplifting shows and movies though. Thanks for the list!