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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Life of Your Choosing

“The greatest gift Life could have made to you is yourself. You are a spontaneous, self-choosing center of Life, in the great drama of being, the great joy of becoming, the certainty of eternal expansion.” [Unknown]

Everything we think, say, feel, and do (or don’t) is a choice.The moment we recognize the value of this, we can choose to be more conscious about our choices.

In love relationships or any other area of life, staying where you aren’t “fed” is like starving in a banquet hall filled with food. When you go to a banquet, no one makes you eat. When and what you partake of is your choice.

How is this metaphoric scenario any different from life? Everything we’re experiencing in our lives right this moment is the result of a choice, whether it included action or perceived inaction.

When we don’t like our outcomes, we have the power to shift future outcomes at either the inner or outer levels, or both.If you’re one who works with the Law of Attraction or any other form of quantum-thinking system, it can take a while to switch from focusing attention on what you no longer want, or believe needs fixing or changing, to what you desire to expand more of into your life, and how you choose to feel.

The key to the greatest energy or power in this is to realize you can choose how to feel in any moment. You really can. I’m not saying it’s necessarily easy, but you can do it. This includes choosing to feel as bad as you feel you need to for as long as you feel the need to. Honoring your feelings is not a flaw.

Emotional pain happens as a part of life. How you choose to suffer and for how long is up to you (usually long past the event for many).It’s remarkable what can happen when you make a choice about what you prefer and figure out which appropriate action will move you forward to your desired outcome.

For one thing, it takes your emotionally-charged focus off of where it doesn’t belong . . . what you don’t like or judge as not good (or the past), and puts it where it can do the most good . . . on what you wish to create more of in your life.

Perhaps it’s time to recognize exactly how much power you really have in your life, and live it .


Paula said...

I have written an article about choice in my blog. It is titled Choice- Your Ultimate Freedom


Thank you for an inspirational great post.