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Monday, September 1, 2008

3 Mighty Channels for Wealth Attraction

Have you been flirting with wealth attraction from a Law of Attraction standpoint?Yet, are you one of many, many intelligent people who have a hard time understanding the REALITY of The Law of Attraction? Have you chosen to disbelieve it because itseems too "out there"? Are you annoyed by all this talk about it? Make fun of it? You are not alone.

The Law of Attraction is a simple law that states that an individual attracts into their life whatever they focus on. Focus in this case meansthoughts, images, sounds, feelings and so on. What you watch on TV, what you read, who you hang around, the incessant noise in your head. These interactions eventually form your inherent beliefs. If you are NOT interested in understanding how the Law of Attraction works for wealth attraction,this article is not for you.

· Visualization is one of the most powerful LOA processes. Visualizing is simple. You do it ALL the time, but you are visualizing things you choose not to control. Eliminate images of lackand limitation from your belief system. Instead, use images that signify abundance to you. Stacks of money, your dream home, dream car. You can use a vision board or dream board for this.

· Having an attitude of gratitude -- Think of something that you can be grateful for. Anything. When you are experiencing financial lack; wealth attraction becomes even more of a frustration. Instead, spend a few minutes as you drift off to sleep giving gratitude for the little you have. Lacking gratitude plugs shut the financial faucet and causes even more frustration. Eliminate complaining, even commiserating from your life.

· Taking Action -- Wealth Attraction is not for people who are repulsed by work. But people often wonderwhy their hard work is not causing them to be prosperous. Do you not know many very hard working people that still struggle financially? Why is that? Their attitude neutralizes all their hard work. Their thoughts, feelings, their talk, everything they focus on is lack and limitation based. Instead, refuse to be one of the masses of people who work hard by taking the right action but still stays financially broken.