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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Some excerpts taken from "The Tough Minded Optimist" Norman Vincent Peale

I have read many books about self-confidence, self-esteem, positive thinking and the like. Almost all of them touch on the subject of Enthusiasm. It is a word that has one definition that means "Filled with God". I think that is important for many reasons but most importantly as Christians we tend to think that anything to do with developing our mental health is not as important as our spiritual life, when in fact the two are very closely related and work together.

As believers we should get full of God and stay that way! It will affect every are of our lives.Enthusiasm is a force that can work for you and its absence can work against you. The human mind and spirit works much like a magnet. It attracts certain things and repels certain things. In order to attract the blessings this life has to offer and the success that all people desire
whether they are honest enough to admit it or not you have to charge your mind and spirit with certain elements one of which is enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is a skill that requires effort and practice. It is more than just being happy. You have to work at it to develop it. Enthusiasm is actually spiritual in tone and content so it is more than just how you feel at any given moment. It is an inner strength; an inner discipline that causes one to look at the positive in the midst of any situation and see the good. This will release the drive to carry you over every obstacle you face. It keeps you going when the going gets hard.This may seem complicated but you can make yourself an enthusiastic person regardless of your personality!

It is really as simple as THINKING ENTHUSIASM, TALKING ENTHUSIASM AND ACTING ENTHUSIASTICALLY ON A DAILY BASIS! When you affirm this regularly it will get hold of you and take over within you!Take hold of this principle. Say this affirmation daily: " I think enthusiasm, picture enthusiasm, practice enthusiasm!"This is based on a simple psychological law: There is a deep tendency in human nature for us to become precisely what we HABITUALLY IMAGINE ourselves to be. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he....(Prov 23:7)

As I mentioned previously almost everything I have read or been taught on the subject of personal development, achievement and success addresses the subject of Enthusiasm. It seems to be woven throughout the teachings of every successful person and mentor that I have read after or studied under.What I have learned is that enthusiasm is much more than a principle to live by but it is truly a lifestyle that can be cultivated to the point that it becomes a part of you.

It is a zest for life and living that spills over into everything that you do and influences those around you. It is a genuineness of spirit and a sincerity that cannot be masked behind a facade of selfish motives. It is a heart felt love of life and people that will attract good things and good people to you.

My mother is one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever known. She has a pureness of spirit and a genuine happiness that I sometimes envy. She is always content to be with her family and she always sees the beauty in everything in life. She sees beauty and wonder in even the simplest of things. She is always there for her family and friends. She is loyal, dependable and trustworthy and would do anything to help another person if it is within her power. She is a wonderful mother.

My purpose in saying all of this is more than just to honor my mother, even though she is worthy of such honor, but to spotlight genuine enthusiasm. A love for life and living that I believe that every person can cultivate if they so desire.

One way that you can begin is to get a sheet of paper and begin to list all of the things that you are thankful for. No matter how difficult your circumstances may seem there is always something to be thankful for. You are alive-start with that!!! Make a practice of this. Being thankful to God for everything good in your life. As you do this daily you will begin to get excited about life again.

Being enthusiastic will start to become second nature to you. I realize that this is very simple but I think the world is tired of complicated solutions. Jesus used simple examples in all of His parables. Honestly folks, this life is easier than we make it!!!Think happy thoughts. Life is full of negative, unhappy influences. Go out of your way to make other people happy.

Hey there's a radical idea! Do something unselfish and see how you feel! Life is about more than you or me. It is about expressing love toward a world of lost and hurting people. You can't save them all, but do what you can! It won't necessarily be easy but persevere. Keep at it until it takes over.Practicing this will begin to affect every aspect of your life; your job, your marriage, your relationships, your children - YOUR LIFE!! Go for it! You will begin to attract success and repel failure.