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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Find Out The Secrets for Discovering your Life's Mission

Identify whether or not you have the support you need to determine your true life's purpose. The greatest obstacle for personal growth is a dysfunctional or abusive relationship. If we don't have a larger awareness, we end up frozen in habitual patterns.

Take a few moments to find out whether or not you have the right support system. Do you have a supportive friend or spouse to encourage you to live to your fullest potential? If you are already a multi-millionaire and have the most supportive partner or life mission coach, you won't need to read this article.

What are the common problems we face to pursuing our life's mission?

In the best sense, intimate partnerships urge us to open our heart, while at the same time maintain our own individuality. Many couples married for three years or more stop seeing the magic, delight and gentleness in one another. If one partner wants a career change or starts their own business, the other may sabotage their partner's efforts at pursuing a degree part-time or getting a small business off the ground. The partner in pursuit of their life mission is happy and excited about creating more wealth, time and freedom to enjoy with their family.

Does your wife or husband encourage you to explore new horizons?'To enter into "relationship" with another is to seek their essence, or truth. Yet most of us, very quickly loose that ability to "relate" and seek the truth of our partner; We are too busy seeking to 'be right' for ourselves.

Truth has many faces – Being Right has one very rigid one, allowing room for no one else. We must be very careful in our relationship with all; Do we seek truth or to be right' - Kimberly Herkert

I love this quote by Kimberly, a life mission teacher. Ask yourself if your partner is flexible or rigid in support of your mission and life's passion.

I am sure you have heard the saying. Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results is called insanity. If yourdesire to start a business or have a career change is not supported by your spouse, you may have to make a relationship change. If you are in a new marriage and have young kids, it maybe traumatic to separate from your spouse and pursue your life mission because your kids will grow up in two separate households.

This may sound drastic, but maybe it is time for a divorce. The second alternative is to stay in a dead marriage where your life mission efforts are sabotaged. You hate your job and everyday you slip deeper and deeper in depression until you see a doctor and take drugs to numb your depression.

"Relationship can lead either to sleep or awakening." - John Welwood

Is your relationship leading you to sleep or awakening? If the answer is sleep, have you considered couples counseling? The third alternative if you don't want to divorce and stay in the relationship to work things out is to seek body centered somatic therapy. The word therapy for some people brings shame and guilt.

Give yourself a break. Taking care of crying babies needs, while trying to support your partner and at the same time go through a career change can overwhelm even the best of us. So have some compassion for yourself.

Relationships require these virtues: generosity, humor, gentleness, compassion, selflessness, patience and the ability to be present. If your marriage is worth saving, it definitely is worth spending $100 to $500 an hour for however many hours necessary to heal each other's wounds.

Most people have no problem spending thousands paying for divorce lawyers.

When you work on repairing your marriage you might have strong feelings of frustration, or wish that a certain situation wasn't happening. These feelings happen when our needs are in conflict with the other partner.

You may want to spend a quiet evening after you have put your baby to sleep to talk about starting your own business or going back to school to change careers. Intentionally bring mindfulness and discernment to such moments. We can acknowledge our feelings of anger, resentment, frustration and also our feelings of empathy and understanding. So instead of getting angry at your baby or partner for not listening to you, maybe it is time to hire a babysitter and go out to a quite restaurant or café shop to have that talk with our spouse.

How to find the support you need?

If your spouse or partner will not support you on finding a career change and you don't want to deal with the emotional turmoil of divorce. You can:

1. Hire a life mission coach.

It maybe necessary to rent an office or buy a trailer and have your life mission coaching sessions away from home. So there are no crying babies and other unexpected distractions that could get in the way of you drawing up a game plan to start your new profession or business.