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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

10 Steps to Becoming Happy Now

Feeling happy is something everyone wants. Whether on not you admit it to yourself, being happy is something each of us seeks. The positive feelings the come from helping others and doing something well are wonderful.
These are two examples of actions that we take that provide us good feelings. This reinforces our desire to do more. A cycle of positive repeatable actions not only benefits the intended recipient but also the giver. This is an example of a tangible action with verifiable results. Philanthropists do what they do for a number of reasons.
They often express it this way: They want to give back for the good they have received. Yes they may not do what they do for purely altruistic reasons, but neither can we, nor should we attempt to determine motives by speculation.

Isn't it better to make every attempt to live a happy and satisfied life and help others to do the same? A famous person once said, "Give enough people what they want and you will get what you want too." The problem is that negative circumstances and problems seem to crowd our lives. The result is that often people become overwhelmed, discouraged and depressed. How can you move from feeling negative, despite all that is around you that makes you feel much less positive than you would like to be? Below are "10 Steps to Being Happy Now". Read them through and find more information at the end of this article.
1. Realize that feelings whether good or bad are just feelings. This means that you can change them. You are the one who gives yourself permission to feel a certain way in any given moment. No one else can tell you how to feel.
2. A feeling is a signal that your body gives you to take action. Recognize this and evaluate what your next step should be. Often we don't know what steps to take or take the wrong action. This does not resolve the problem. Often it only makes it worse. Try to be aware of the signals that your mental and physical states are trying to tell you and take corrective action. Sometimes these feelings are the result of negative events just past.
3. Sometimes events trigger negative associations from the past and we are not even aware of this. A long passed event buried in our subconscious mind can resurface. Therefore be as aware of your past as possible and reinforce negative events with positive ones in your mind.
4. Your mind is like a computer. It will play back to us whatever we give it. If we focus on negative things, then that is what will show up in our thoughts and actions most often. Give yourself positive thoughts and associations. When you find yourself thinking a negative thing, force yourself to stop the thought process in your head and replace it with something positive.
5. Reflect on all the good things there are in your life. The fact that you are even able to evaluate your situation and move toward some positive outcome is a good thing.
6. Take time to step outside of your situation and do some good for someone else. Even if it is just listening to someone or offering your time to them. This is a worthwhile contribution and a valuable gift. Time is limited so when you give some away for the good of others, you really are giving of yourself.
7. Remember that the person you are now is the result of all your past thoughts and actions. While this may seems scary, if we used that information to act and think more positively, we can change our outcomes and begin living a better and more fulfilling life.
8. Give yourself permission to be sad or depressed and a negative event, situation or circumstances for a specific set period then move on with a fresh outlook and optimism.
9. Resolve that the most important choice you can make on a daily basis regardless of your circumstance is your choice of attitude.
10. Being happy is not dependent on what you have. Some of the poorest people on the planet are the happiest. In contrast, some of the richest are the unhappiest. If you set your happiness on things, you will always be disappointed. True happiness comes from inside. This is often related to finding something bigger than us to believe it.
When we look for the good around us we will find it. Inspire someone today with your keen sense of self, a positive self-image and a passion for helping others. Happiness does not need to be elusive and complicated. Become aware of the signals that your mental and physical body is giving you. Learn to take proper action of the electro-chemical signals in your body and you will find happiness.