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Monday, October 27, 2008

Me - by Shirley-Ann Jennings

Something that was written in the moment by an 18 year old, my beautiful "godchild"...

Wouldn’t life be perfect if we could all be 100% happy all the time?!?!?!?! If we had no enemies and if we all had the job we always dreamed of having????? If we could trust that special someone enough that you could let them do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted????

We all dream of having a perfect life, yet nothing turns out how we plan some of us marry young and some don’t marry at all! Some of us prefer life to be about being happy and having a loving trusting family that we can rely on even in times of difficulties, but others prefer a life where their money and job come way before their families. These people usually end up living a lonely and sad life, they may have lots of friends but in the end friends, money and material things in life mean nothing if you have don’t have that special someone to share all your happy moments with. “savor the moment” how do you do that all by yourself?????

Many times we get friends that just use and abuse us and as much as anyone would like to argue once we’ve been used and abused we expect everyone else to do it to us as well, because everyone believes that if one person can do it to you so can anyone else!! Yes nobody’s perfect but that doesn’t mean everybody is the same!!!

All people seek that special someone and some don’t ever find that ONE, and nine out of ten times the reason they never bothered is that they either got hurt or their trust was broken by someone else. So why take it out on all the other people?!?!?! Yes you got hurt but so has everyone else, at least once in their life, so shouldn’t you do what they are doing??? Sorry to burst any bubbles but a broken heart hasn’t killed anyone yet.

I say live life to the fullest don’t let anyone get you down, you are your own person and the decisions you make in life will effect nobody except yourself!!!! Keep your friends you need them for the rough days trust your partner they wouldn’t be with you if they didn’t have feelings for you! Drink and do it good, dance where there’s music it will start a party…………don’t be part of the crowd that watches the one in the middle………….I say BE THE ONE IN THE MIDDLE. You will gain nothing by doing nothing!!!!!!!!!