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Monday, October 13, 2008

Have You Checked Your Attitude Lately?

Have you been secretly yearning to travel far beyond the hard edge of your potential curve? Are you, as I am, longing to surpass your present accomplishments and exceed your current level of achievement? If you're nodding with enthusiasm, then let's take a solid look at your attitude.

Let me ask you plainly: How do you tackle this phenomenon called "life"? In what mode do you greet daily obstacles, and how do you meet unforeseen challenges? In our busy lives, a positive mental attitude must be tenaciously chosen in every circumstance. Such an outlook is resultant of a life dedicated to continual self-improvement and service to others. Committing to do our best today liberates us from concern about difficult situations tomorrow.

The truth is, we all have days when we are confident that excellent things will happen, and equally confident that, if trouble comes, we will possess the wherewithal to overcome it. Maintaining a consistently confident attitude, however, takes enormous effort and diligence. The effort is well worth it because confidence acts as a protective shield against dream-shattering doubts.

There's always great excitement when a new work is about to begin, such as the debut of an innovative clothing line, the birth a newborn child, or the initiation of a novel idea. Why not begin a new work in your own life by accepting personal responsibility, which is the foundation necessary to cultivate a positive attitude?

How many people do you know who mistakenly blame their poor attitude on others? Probably just as many as I do! These individuals frequently make the false claim that someone else made them feel or act in a certain way - but nothing could be further from the truth. It doesn't help to focus on what others insensitively say or do to us. Instead, let's concentrate on what we do and say in response. It is not what has been done to you that seals your fate, but how you respond to injustice that decides your destiny.

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