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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How to Be in Your Happy Place

Too stressed? Need some relaxation?Your happy place will help ease your troubles,and make you feel like you're ready to take on another day.Without using a map to get there,
here are some tips on, "How to be in your happy place."


1. Think of where your happy place is.. Where do you feel comfortable? What makes you happy? What do you enjoy doing with your time? Your happy place can be with a relative who has passed away, or you can be in a snow covered field surrounded by birds and trees. Think of what you consider to be "a happy place."

2. Relax your body by sitting on your floor, or wherever you're most comfortable, and start breathing slowly.

3. Inhale, wait a few seconds, then exhale. Repeat until your body feels at peace. Now turn your relaxation into thinking about your happy place. Now that you're relaxed, close your eyes, and think of your surroundings. Where are you? Who is there with you, or are you alone?

4. Remain still breathing slowly, think about the conversations that are going on around you. Listen to the way that your grandmother is laughing, or take in the aroma of your grandfathers stew. Think about things that you love, and the things that you miss.

5. Concentrate and act as if those people are really there with you. If someone hears you talking to yourself, dont pay any attention to it, keep your thoughts on where your happy place is.


· If you can't get away during the day to find your happy place, you can do this while laying in bed, the tub, or while taking a shower.

· Trying to find your happy place while doing dishes or cleaning the house may not relax you enough to find your happy place. Your mind will be concentrating on your daily chores, rather than happy thoughts.

· If it helps you, use photographs of your loved ones. Set them by you, to remind you of every little detail, their face, eyes, hair, even personality.

· If your happy place is on a beach, hold a sea shell in your hands while keeping your eyes closed. Picture yourself bending over to pick that shell up off the sand.

· Any little prop or memento will help you find, and be in your happy place, as long as you're relaxed and focused on where your happy place is, and that you are in that place with people and things that you love, and thoughts that make you happy.

· Often times it helps to imagine your loved one and go for a stroll in the park.