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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How to Be Okay With Being You

Often enough, you find yourselves in situations where you are intimidated by people who are either overly well presented or are simply 'better.' Sometimes, this might lead you to think you aren't good enough. This is only true to a certain extent: after all, there is always room for improvement, nobody's perfect.


1. If you aren't the prettiest or the smartest or the most charismatic person you know, that's okay. As long as you know you're okay with being 'un-pretty' or 'un-smart,' there is nothing wrong with you. If you do feel there is room for improvement, go ahead and make the necessary changes. If you don't think you look your best or do well in tests because you don't make an effort, make an effort and notice the change. If you aren't satisfied with the change, ask yourself two simple questions:

- Are you happy with who you are? If yes, then there's nothing to worry about. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is what you think. If you're okay with you and you've done your best in whatever it is, you should be quite content.

- Have you given yourself enough time for improvement? Miracles don't occur that often, you know. Give yourself time for improvement, you can't expect to be the best without letting everything sink in. It all takes time.

2. Build your self -confidence. You can't be okay with you unless you're confident. If you are confident, you'll be okay with being the way you are. You can build your self-confidence by getting out more- if you're shy or quiet, take part in a few activities and get to know people.

This will help you improve in the particular activity over time and simultaneously give you confidence that you're good at something. Always stress on what you're good at and strive to improve when you feel like a failure.

3. If things get really bad, talk to someone about your not being okay with being you.

Chances are you probably need a shoulder to let it out on. Friends and family are always there, you know.

4. Remember that no matter how you try, you cannot ever be the "best" at everything to everyone. There is no way. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. So be happy and confident with yourself, don't change for anyone, and love yourself. If you love yourself, then the people who really matter in your life will love you too, no matter what.


· Read self-help books to gain additional background theory on self-improvement or self-esteem.

· Try to communicate more with people that you see everyday. Suddenly you'll feel much better about yourself and others will see you as really natural person.


· Don't be over-confident or conceited and expect to be okay with yourself. There's always room for improvement. Pick on your bad points and improve. Moreover, stress on your good points and move on with your life.