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Saturday, February 28, 2009

How to Be Outgoing

Being "outgoing" isn't really that hard. Even the shyest people can accomplish being outgoing. Being outgoing really helps with your social life! But how can I be outgoing? You might ask. So, here's a how-to on how to be outgoing!


1. Build up your confidence. Hey, what's the problem about meeting new people or giving your opinion? Everybody has good qualities and should share it with the world. Think of your qualities, and I'm not talking about superficial qualities like your looks, I'm talking about inner qualities like honesty, intelligence, or kindness.

2. Feel comfortable. Always be clean, shower, brush your teeth and try to look nice, even dress in clothes that make you feel good and comfortable. This makes you feel more free and confident to interact with people.

3. Go out more often. Go walk around the street, see people, what they do, how are things around you, forget for a while your problems. You have to have interest in people.

4. Smile more often. Everybody feels attracted to people that smile, start to smile more often at people, even at strangers, it will get them to think you're friendly and they'll warm up to you more, even if they don't know you.

5. Speak louder. Try to speak in a louder voice, so you will even feel more "free". You can start by being loud with yourself, a good way to start your morning is yelling "GOOD MORNING" out loud. Well, people at your home may think you're crazy, but it is a great way to start being louder. But if people want it quiet, yell "good morning" with a pillow on your face.

6. Speak to random people in the street. It may scare some people off to even think about talking to strangers and being seen as weird. But it's nothing to worry about. Just go out your house and speak to random people in the street, simply smile and say "Hi!" or greet them saying "Good morning." Doing it is good because it gives you more confidence and easiness to talk to people, and it even gets you to meet new people.

7. Just talk. Yeah, it's easier than you think, people tend to worry about talking because they think "what am I going to talk about with that person?". Outgoing people don't even think about it, they simply go up to people and just speak their mind.

8. Listen to people. You can't just talk, talk and talk, or people will think you're self-centered. Talk, speak your mind, but also show interest in people, let them know you care. But don't pretend to be caring, you have to actually listen to them, make eye contact and give an opinion, because if you're giving an opinion, it is because that matters to you. And people will feel grateful and will like you more if you show you're truly interested in what they say.

9. Voice your opinions. When in a discussion where people are all voicing their opinions, LISTEN, so you'll know what they are talking about. If you don't know, don't be shy, simply ask a few questions to know more about it, and when you start to understand the subject, you can voice your opinions, tell people what you think about that subject, and don't worry if someone has a different opinion, everybody has the right to speak up, and people will look up to you more if you aren't afraid to voice your opinions.

10. Meet at least 1 new person everyday. Simply speak to them, smile and be yourself. Also talk to people you don't normally talk to, strike a conversation with them and be friendly, smile!

11. Read the news! Don't just stay stuck at home with nothing to do. Surf the net for recent pieces of information and then keep that in mind. If you find yourself stuck with nothing to say when you're with friends, bring out those topics. You may end up with a heated debate!

12. Set a goal to be outgoing every day. Make it specific: "I will make at least 2 new friends today."

13. Get out of the house! The easiest way to become more outgoing is to just leave the house. This is also the biggest step. Once you can overcome it, you will find out that being outgoing is fun, and a lot of times healthy.

14. Get a group of friends and regularly go out. Go to a park, beach, club, bar or any other place you think can be fun. Try to go somewhere you might make new friends!

15. Start to talk to random people. If you feel terrified by the thought, try by just smiling and saying, "Hi". Not only will this help you in the long run if you are shy, but you will also meet new friends.

16. Do the unexpected and surprise other people around you. They will view you as funny or "cool" depending on how you do it. Making witty comments in class can work, but don't overdo it.

17. Make personal hygiene a top priority. That means shower, shave, brush, and keep your face acne free. This will give you the confidence to get out there.

18. Just be friendly! Don't hide yourself and voice out during discussions. There's no need to be that shy...

19. Don't overdo being loud or acting weird. People will find you as being obnoxious...and that's just not cool

20. Be funny and laugh a lot. This makes the person think you have a sense of humor which is a big step in how to become outgoing.

21. There is only one thing to keep in mind --- be yourself! Don't try to change who you are, be confident in yourself.

22. Trust yourself


· It's best to start becoming outgoing with a friend, or a group of friends.

· Smile more. It's great, because usually people return your smile. This way you might be able to spark some conversation.

· Try giving compliments to the person or people you want to talk to. By doing this you can start a good conversation and PLUS! you can make new friend(s).

· If you're in school, try "table hopping" (going to different tables) at lunch.

· If you're just starting out, from a shy/sensitive person, then rejection/insults hurled at you can be devastating. In order to feel more comfortable, try to gauge the situation ahead of time - if you're about to go start a conversation with a loud group of girls, you're likely to find some of them nasty, and they may insult you, but just shake it off, and try again. Use your newfound confidence!

· Watch your posture. If you stand up straight,you can build more confidence, and it would be a little easier to talk to people.


· Be responsible and don't harass people.

· Don't be too so called "outgoing" as many people may view totally strange things as just plain weird and avoid you.

· Don't be too kind to everyone, some people will take advantage of you.

· Do things at your own pace, don't force yourself into social situations if you don't want to. There's nothing wrong with being alone.


Anonymous said...

This is great advice and i will definitly give it a go. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Like so much advice, if you're a really shy person you can't follow this. There's an area between implementing these ideas and practicing them.

You just can't say to someone who has always been shy, hey just talk more! If it was that easy they would have done it. But I will say it's good advice for those who have some basic skill.

Talking louder is a very good point. Even if you're shy, speaking louder gives the impression that you're less so I think.