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Saturday, March 28, 2009

How to Use the Law of Attraction and Have Fun in the Process

The law of attraction is a wonderful concept that can bring great joy and happiness into your life.

Learning to use the law of attraction should be fun and exciting. This article will help you harness your powers of manifestation and have fun in the process!

The reason many people struggle with how to use the law of attraction is simple: They are being too serious about the whole process.

In fact I think often people come to the process of manifestation from a place of need and virtual desperation. This is a recipe not only for failure, but also for outright disaster.

When you are in the mindset of needing something badly, very focused on your state of lack and doing without, what you will certainly attract is more need, worry, and lack. So clear your mind of all this "must have" thinking right now!

It's critical to understand that your present results are not as concrete as you think them to be.

The world you see around you right now is the residual effect of your prior thinking and feeling.

Existence is constantly in motion and what you see now as your "results" are not fixed in time and space. The key to intentionally using the law of attraction is not letting present circumstances dictate the images you hold in your mind.

And this is where the fun really begins. You, and you alone, are in complete control over how you feel emotionally, what you choose to think about, and the images you hold in your mind.

At first you may not want to accept this but it's true: You are absolutely in 100% control over your thoughts, feelings, and the vivid pictures you decide to form in your mind's eye.

Nobody and no set of circumstances can steal this power from you. So lighten up and decide right now to have some fun in learning how to use the law of attraction for creating the life you most desire.

What do you really want to see, have, and experience? Don't limit yourself, here; honestly let go and think as big and as grand as you want!

Begin to feel emotionally as if everything you want is already here with you right now. Smile from ear to ear and allow that warm glow of joy to begin rising from your belly. These two physical experiences are within your control; you can literally conjure up a smile and the deep bodily feelings of joy anytime you want so go ahead and do so right now.

Isn't that incredible? Too many people don't realize they have the power to create feelings of joy and happiness on demand. By putting yourself in this state of joy you are most definitely accepting the power to create great things.

Your next step is to create an image in your mind, or several images, of exactly who, what, when, and where you want to experience in your life. Bring these images to bold, vivid life and hold them in your mind constantly.

No matter what happens in the "outside" world you can continue to hold your prized images.

And this may be the ultimate creative power, because by holding these pictures in your consciousness at all times you will begin to use the law of attraction to manifest the corresponding reality.

People who survived the death camps of World War 2 used this kind of tactic. And many people who rose from severe poverty into massive wealth also leveraged this powerful technique.

So it can absolutely work for you. And it will work for you if you simply keep practicing.

Above all, when learning how to use the law of attraction you must have fun and enjoy the process. Don't get hung up on when results will appear in the physical world; just relish the process of creating good feelings and wonderful images. The more fun you have in the creation phase, the more incredible your results will be when they emerge into concrete reality.