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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Do You Want To Build Positive Relationships With Other People?

This is something I came across which I thought was quite good reading, it is copyrighted but I have included all that in at the bottom so lets hope this person doesn't mind my reprinting this article in my blog LOL.

What does it mean to have a positive relationship with another person? When I think of this statement, I come up with thoughts of:

Y Respect for their point of view
Y Appreciating the time spent with them
Y Recognising their individuality
Y Accepting differences of opinion
Y Knowing you can ask them for advice as you work through an issue
Y Being more than willing to offer your time and advice to them

What do you think of? Reading the last two points there, one thing to emphasise is that a positive relationship is a reciprocal thing - the relationship is based on mutual respect for each other's rights and uniqueness as individuals.

With that in mind, what can you do to help create and maintain positive relationships in your life?

A lot of this will be based on what you bring to the relationship - what you are willing to offer, how much of you that invest in it, how much time and energy you are willing and able to give (remember, if the other person in this relationship was reading this right now, they would be getting the same message!).

Here is a short exercise to get you started in your thinking about what you can do to create the positive relationships you want in your life.

1. Think about a past or current relationship you believe was/is positive. This may be with a friend, a work colleague, your partner, mother...

2. If you want to, write down everything you can think of to describe the things that make that relationship so good. You might write sentences, lots of descriptive words or draw symbols or pictures

3. Next, underneath this list, write down what you believe you contribute to the relationship that must create that positiveness. Ask yourself the question:

What qualities do you have that influence the relationship with that other person?

It will be interesting to see how many of your ideas are reflected from your first list.

Okay, now lastly, think about this - how do you know that what you bring to the relationship adds to it being so positive? We can take so many things in life for granted and only really appreciate them when we lose or about to lose them. Taking some time and space to think about the good, positive things in our lives leads to a real sense of enrichment, which then becomes a daily reality for us.

Building positive relationships in your life is just one of many ideas for using your time and finding some space to appreciate your life and realising what aspects of it you want to nurture and sustain.

©2008 Lesley Petersen