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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Have you heard or been told to ACT AS IF? Do you know what this means? Has someone ever asked you to give a recent instance where you "Acted as If?" But what did they mean - ACT AS IF?

"Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right." --Henry Ford

In some areas, people will say, "He/She acted as if..." to imply they were conceited or pretentious. Though the ideas are related, that is not what we mean here.

On the bigger scale, ACT AS IF is the power of positive thinking - if you act successful and you believe you are successful, then success comes true. If you think and act unsuccessful, failure will be your result.

On a smaller scale ACT AS IF means Visualization! If you listen to successful people, they all say, "I believed in what I wanted."

In sports athletes always say that they visualize the goal. Whether it is golf, tennis, baseball or your favorite sport, there is a clear definition of a successful goal - one that the athletes can visualize performing perfectly. So are you visualizing the right thing to get what you want and deserve out of your life? Are you being specific enough? Are you visualizing successful changes in your career, family, relationships, finances, health, fun and spirituality?

Be careful what you wish for and what you visualize.
Do you believe in the power of positive thinking? Think for a moment about just what the tremendous power is behind positive thinking. It is actually your mind. Your mind does not intentionally work negatively, but it does follow through on negative actions - if that is what you are thinking.

Your mind works on action thoughts. So if you are constantly thinking "I don't want to lose money," you will eventually lose money.

Why? Because your mind does not recognize "I don't want" as an action - it is too vague. But, your mind does pick up on the action, "to lose money," over and over again. You start thinking "I keep losing money." Eventually your mind initiates activities / habits / patterns to insure "keep losing money" comes true.

It's easy to whine and complain, but what if you program your mind to only think in possibilities? Tremendous possibilities?

Instead, if you think, "I'm going to make $100,000 this year," "$500,000," or "$1,000,000," your mind will start to work on ways to make it happen. Of course, the change will not occur overnight, but your brain will look for and offer you many possibilities to increase your income.

Again, it is easy to get into the "woe is me" habit. Imagine the tremendous possibilities, if you let that wonderful organ, your mind, dream big dreams.

How do you get your mind to work on the possibilities you want in your life? You make your dreams your goals and identify the specific results you want. Then, your mind can begin working on achieving those goals. But, most of us set our goals too low. We achieve them and then what? You can set more goals, but...

What if you set your goals very high? You may exceed them or you may never get there. Guess what, there is not an artificial stopping point. Your goals are defined by you and your success is defined by you. With goals, your brain can visualize success and you can ACT AS IF you have achieved your success.

Have you written your goals down? Do you reinforce your goals to yourself everyday? Do you have someone encouraging you to achieve your goals and chiding you when you don't make yourself and your dreams a priority?

You can benefit from coaching. You can choose to self-coach using various books and techniques. You can obtain help from family and friends. Or, you can take advantage of a Life Success Coach. Whichever you choose, you should expect coaching to help you clarify what you really want, set your goals in a positive direction, define a plan to act on those goals and reinforce those intentions with regular follow-up sessions.

Begin now to dream big and ACT AS IF you have successfully achieved those dreams!