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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Say Goodbye to Confusion - Let Your Heart & Mind Decide Together

Un-crease those lines wrinkling your forehead! There's no need for confusion. You already know the Right Path to follow. You just need to let your Heart and Mind work together doing the jobs-the very different jobs-they were designed to do.

Your Mind is a magnificent tool that constantly registers, records and analyzes all the data in your environment-the people, pitfalls, events, resources, risks and dangers, anything that could possibly affect you.

It records it all in its memory banks where it compares every bit of new data to - What's Happened Before. It draws conclusions about what it all means and makes predictions based on past events. Best of all, it's constantly coming up with the best strategy it can find to keep you alive and get you what you want as you go through your day.

Your Heart, on the other hand, knows what you long for, what you truly need. It knows what's Right for you and what's not. It knows what's important to you and what's not. It knows why you came to this life and what you came for. No one else can tell you that-not your mother or husband or friends, for they haven't a clue. Think about it, how could anyone else possibly know why you came to this life better than you?

Your Heart knows What you want. Your Mind's job is to figure out How to get it.

Reverse their functions and you'll suffer the angst of being torn between Heart and Head. But deciding what to do is easy when you ask the right questions in the right order. Just follow these three simple steps.

First, ask your Heart what you truly desire. What do you long for? What are the activities, people and places that put a soft smile on your face? Imagine yourself 30 years from now looking back on your life. What things, if you did them, would make you feel that your life had been purposeful and meaningful?

When you're clear on this, tell your incredibly capable Mind to figure out how to get what your Heart wants. What choices do you have? What all could you do? Assess your options-all of them. Reject nothing, no matter how "crazy" or "unacceptable" it might seem. Just write it down. Before bedtime, tell your Mind to figure it out while you sleep peacefully. Write a brief summary of each option on a separate sheet of paper. Then make a quick list of its pros and cons, its benefits and drawbacks. Don't decide on, or eliminate, anything as you go through each item. Just jot down what it is. Do this with every option.

Third, go back to your Heart. Take each option one at a time. Read its pros and cons. Then close your eyes and imagine what your daily life would be like if you chose that path. See your self doing it, being it, feeling it. Then be still and ask your Heart what it knows. Pay attention to the sensations in your body-especially your chest and torso-as you imagine living this option. Does it feel constricted or peaceful? Is there lightness or a sudden chill? Freedom or heaviness? Relief or fear?

You'll know the right choice by the sensations in your body. Right Path will always feel light, peaceful, warm or comforting. Wrong Path will feel tight, heavy, constricted, uneasy or cold.

You can trust your Heart and Mind working together. Following your Heart will always guide you away from pain and toward your greatest joy. Drawing upon your Mind's ingenuity will get you there faster, and by way of the smoothest road.