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Friday, June 19, 2009

2 Simple Ways to Raise Your Self-confidence By Rose Blood

A person’s self-confidence means a lot nowadays. It affects just about everything in their life. Meaning: If you have bad self-confidence, life will not be easy for you, actually life will be a LOT more difficult. Luckily human mind is easily tricked. Of course, that is the main reason people have bad self-confidence in the first place. Only reason anyone is shy/lonely etc. is because their brain tells them all those horrible things that will happen, if they go and talk to that cute babe who has been checking them out for the last five hours. Eventually, if the case is a completely lost case, one of three things will happen:

1.Guy will not get his act together and just nervously stares at the floor, until it is time to leave.

2.He goes and talks to the girl, but is too nervous to make up any small talk and ends up making an ass of himself. And later at home, he vows never to talk any females again.

3.He gets his act together, makes a great impression, gets some sex and notices a massive growth in his self-confidence.

Lucky for us, there are some super-nerds who have found ways to fool your brain and win your greatest fears. And these don´t even take too long to do either!

The sweet failure: First of all, what makes us be so afraid of a confrontation? The fear of failure.

The dreaded feeling, that our world will end permanently, if we fail. Which in turn, makes us more nervous than we should ever be. Simplest thing to do, in order to avoid this horrifying fate, is to visualize the worst consequence that will happen. For example. Lets say you go and talk to that beautiful babe on the edge of a dance floor. You step in to the room, your belt breaks and your pants fall down and at the same time you piss on yourself. Sure, everyone in the room might laugh at you and you go home ashamed and smelling like piss. But is it the end of the world? HELL NO. Once you realize that failure really doesn't end everything, taking risks really is not that tough and at the same time, your self-confidence skyrockets.

My name is Bond, James Bond: Now this is a funny exercise you can do anywhere. Just close your eyes, and imagine James Bond. Just about any situation is fine, in a bar, home sleeping, at work in the office. Just imagine James Bond walking around, see how he walks, looks, talks, what does he think, how he talks to women, how about men? Now the nice part, put yourself behind him and walk INSIDE him. Now YOU are James Bond, you think like him, you walk like him and most of all, you are just as CONFIDENT as he is. Then just open your eyes and say to yourself: My name is (your name) and I´m the greatest womanizer in this world. It works.

Roseblood is a rather unknown author of the powers of the mind, having trained for many years in the occult arts and struggled with his self-esteem, he has now opened a great site dedicated to people having trouble with these things and since he is such a nice guy, he gives it all for free.