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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Flirting Mistakes Men and Women Make - Jane Rock

Flirting can be fun, but also scary if you do it wrong. You can get rejected in a heart beat if you do it wrong. To help eliminate nervousness and help increase your chances of correctly flirting, you must AVOID these flirting mistakes.

1. Male/Female Friend

A female or male friend can definitely help with dating since they KNOW what the opposite sex likes. If you have a female/male friend trying to help you land dates, the person you are trying to find can look down upon this. They may feel like you are too scared to try to find someone on your own or just to shy. Try not to overuse your female/male friend when trying to land your special someone.

2. Bragging

You definitely need to share your job, skills, etc... with that special female/male, but remember there is no reason to brag about it. You don't need to come out and state the obvious about your HUGE salary and your successful career. Women/men can see the clothes you were, the place you live in, and the car you drive to see how well you are off. There is no need to state the obvious because it can be a HUGE turn off for women/men. Bragging must be avoided. There are certain ways to tell men/women that you are well off, just don't do it in a bragging way.

3. Talk about Just Yourself

It is definitely a big turn off when woman/man does all the talking, especially about just THEMSELVES. Try to focus on listening instead of talking. If you notice you are doing all the talking, try to use something like, well you know all about me, let's find out more about you! Try to focus more on being a good listener than a speaker. The person will appreciate and like you much more!

4. Horrible Pick-up Lines

Pick-up lines are cute and great to maybe share with some close friends. They are not something you should use on a guy/girl when trying to land them. They just aren't effective and should NOT be used. If used the wrong way, it could cost you any chance that you may have had with that person. A woman may feel like they are like every other woman you talk to, using those lines over and over again. It's better to just be yourself and use pick up lines such as a simple "Hello". Smiling and saying hello is probably the best pick-up lines you could ever say.

If you can avoid these 4 common mistakes, you should have no problem flirting effectively with that special someone. Women/men love to flirt and be flirted with; you just have to be careful in the way you do it. In however you approach flirting, I wish you the very best of luck! Most people will get discouraged and give up when a woman or man gets rejected for flirting the wrong way. Don't let this be you! There are millions and millions of other fish in the sea.