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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

5 Ways to Have the Perfect Night Out With Your Friends By Jane Worthington

Going out with your friends to the same old, crowded bars can be a drag after a while. If you're in the mood to have some fun, and to make the night stand apart from all of the others, then take a look at a few guidelines to having the perfect night out with your friends.

1. Pick a theme.

Choosing a theme always makes a night out on the town, more interesting and fun. It serves as a way to distinguish this night, from every other night. For example, a "White party" means everyone wears white, and it unites all of your friends for the evening. Or the always popular "80's night" is fun. This way, people can get a little silly and have fun while doing it.

2. Choose your bar wisely.

If you decide to go with a theme, the bar you go to should complement that theme. So, if you're going with a formal, white party, the bar should be upscale and appropriate, like the White Horse. If you're not going with a theme, the bar is even more important, because you want to choose a place where everyone can have fun and be comfortable. You want somewhere that has comfortable counter bar stools and a nice atmosphere. Choosing a club or a bar that is really loud can get in the way of the conversations you could be enjoying, somewhere else.

3. Wear comfy shoes.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't wear your favorite heels, but it means to keep in mind that you're trying to have a fun night out. Wearing those 4 inch heels are only going to cause you pain later in the night, meaning a decreased amount of fun.

4. Choose a set amount of money to bring with you.

There's nothing worse than waking up the day after a night out and realizing you spent way too much money. To prevent this from happening, take a set amount of money out with you and even if you spend it all, at least you know you didn't go over your budget.

5. Know when to call it a night.

When you start feeling tired or worn out, have the sense to know it's time to go home. The best nights are the one where you go out and have a blast, and still make it home in time to catch a good night's sleep and wake up tomorrow feeling energized for the beach! If you end up pushing yourself by staying out, chances are you're going to spend more money, and you'll look back with a different attitude than if you had gone home when you first started thinking about it.

Typically, enjoying a night out with friends doesn't require a list of things to remember, but keeping these things in mind can turn a good night into a great night. So with these simple ideas, next time you're trying to plan a night out it will be better than all the rest! Of course, you can always plan a night in with your friends, and throw a party at home to save some money if you want to take a break from going out all the time.

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