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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

8 Grand Love Letter Ideas By Edward Bordi

Is preparation really necessary? That's debatable.
Sure, you can write a love letter on a whim with no thought whatsoever. I suggest you do that, there's certainly a place for it - it's spontaneous, it's fun and it's sincere (often times). So go for it; that is, if you can.

But the problem is that it's not so easy for some.

And even for those who can, an unhurried, deliberate and well-planned love letter is much better. Of course that's my opinion, but here's why I feel that way. It shows you care, that you're not always in a hurry, that you're willing to take time out of your busy schedule and do nothing but think about her, do something for her. Like write her a very special love letter or better yet, a series of love letters.

Be resolute and don't delay.

Decide what you want to write about - there are literally thousands of things to say. You're limited only by your unlimited imagination. It's true, but if you're imagination seems to have stalled then maybe one of these eight ideas will help jump-start it.

There are literally thousands of things to say... you're limited only by your unlimited imagination.

Take them and use them, be my guest. Some may be new (or at least new to you), but others are old, tried and tested. Pick one, pick them all.

Eight Grand Love Letter Ideas

1. Just because

2. Top 10

3. Best of the month

4. The treasure hunt

5. The secret message

6. The plot

7. Dream it

8. If you were

Love Letter Idea # 1 - Just because

Write about whatever moves you. Think of your special someone and ask yourself who, what, where, why, when, how. Write from your heart.

Love Letter Idea # 2 - Top 10

"...reasons I love you," "...places we've been," "...things you say," "...adorable habits," "etc..."

Love Letter Idea # 3 - Best of the month

Slow down and take notice. Soak up every minute you have. Enjoy the way her hair falls across her cheek, her dimples, her smile, the way she moves, talks and laughs. Remember the jokes, the stories and the dreams. I know you could list a thousand things if you just took the time.

Well, take the time! Record the best things in your journal. One day each month, review them and pick your favorite. Now write her a love letter .. "the way your hair falls across your cheeks... softly, lovely, ..."

Love Letter Idea # 4 - The treasure hunt

Buy something nice and hide it. Write a love letter a day hinting to its location.

Love Letter Idea # 5 - The secret message

Write a letter with a dual message. It's just a regular old letter until you apply the decoder - then you see the love letter appear.

Love Letter Idea # 6 - The plot

Remake your favorite romantic movie or book with you and your true love as the leading man and lady. Blueprint the book and send her a page or a chapter at a time. You can do it.

Love Letter Idea # 7 - Dream it

Imagine a life with no constraints for you and your true love. Take her into your dreams and don't leave out a single detail... "the color of her sandals...," "the flower in her hair," ...

Love Letter Idea # 8 - If you were

If you were a melody, a desert, a landscape, a book, a movie, etc.

So there you have it, eight grand love letter ideas. Now start WRITE-ing a love letter of your own.

Edward BordiLevel: Basic PLUSEdward A. Bordi is a committed husband and father. When it comes to love letters, he wrote the book, "The Love Letter Handbook."