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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Amazing Results

I have had the most incredible week this last week, I have not only conquered my life long depression, but I have managed to finally leave behind some very negative influences in my life.

Since reading How to Manifest a Miracle by Gary Evans my life has taken such a magical turn for the better, something I certainly never imagined would be possible for someone like me.

I had lost all purpose and passion in life, the depression had become so bad that I would only get up in the mornings to go to work, I only work from 8-2pm, so by 14h20 I would be home again. I never had any desire to do anything, I would switch on the television, get on my bed and that is where I would stay, if the television was boring I’d just switch off and go to sleep until dinner time, then back to my room, tv on and play games on the laptop to pass time and then back to bed, this would be my daily routine. Weekends I would just stay home in my room doing pretty much the same as during the week. Not much of a life.

I was longing for something more but didn’t want to do anything to get it (damn, talk about lazy). But that is what depression does, it almost cripples you. For people who suffer from severe depression they will know what I’m talking about, I don’t think a person who hasn’t suffered from such depression could possibly understand.

After reading Gary’s book, I realized that no one could change my feelings, emotions or circumstances except me. His book is so “user friendly” as it gives you step by step details how to do this, and it is all in layman’s terms, nothing complicated about it, even a complete idiot could grasp this.

Within the fist week my depression had lifted and as I write this today I can honestly say I do not suffer from that debilitating depression, don’t get me wrong, I have still had the odd days where I haven’t felt that good, but that is when you need to start applying all that you have learnt from Gary’s book and believe me it does work.

Since purchasing this amazing package I need to share with you everything that has happened which I never thought could ever happen, and I want to state for the record that I personally chose not to focus on getting money, a new car etc etc. I chose to focus on myself, changing the way I see myself, learning to love myself. Accepting what I cannot change and making changes to the things that I can change. It hasn’t always been easy in the physical but I never dreamt the mind could be this powerful.

I now make it a point to go for a walk everyday after work (except when it’s pouring with rain that is), I have started reading up on more of the things that are of interest to me, and just getting out more whether it’s just going to a mall and walking around or going to a movie etc.

I have not once put any focus onto money or material things and yet I have attracted both to me. I have also managed to attract the person I wanted for almost 2 years to me (Exciting Stuff blog). I am now going to work on attracting a better salary.

I mentioned in the beginning that I have finally managed to get rid of some of the negative influences in my life and feel I need to emphasize. Sometimes in life we may have a friend or two who are not the most optimistic or positive, they always talk about how bad they have it or harp on and on about something that may have happened to them, and all they talk or think about are themselves. Well if you make the changes like I have done and then listen to people like that I can guarantee you they will bring you down, their negative energy will effect your positive energy and before you know it you will not be feeling all that positive and that is not good for your energy levels going out to the Universe.

Sometimes as hard as it may seem you may need to eliminate people like that from your life, you need to associate yourself with people who are on the same “wavelength” as you are. Hanging around negative people will block you energy’s and your manifestations could take longer to manifest or they may not manifest at all.

I have just ended a friendship of 12 years for various reasons but the main one being that I no longer want to be influenced by negative energies. It is time for you to start taking care of YOU and making yourself #1.

Take a stand in your life, determine exactly what it is you want in life and go after it with all the passion and desire you can muster. This CAN be done if you just start to believe, believe in yourself and believe that you are worthy of so much more and STOP settling for second best in your life.

To start making amazing changes that are so simple and easy check out the following:

Go ahead and make the decision to be the very best you can be and to have all you want in life.