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Monday, March 17, 2008

Self-love, loving yourself and real love

Self-Love comes to people when they become more aware of themselves. Self-love is seen when people learn to accept themselves for who they are and they don’t try to be someone or something they are not. Some people consider self love a bad thing or an arrogant thing but it really isn’t. Loving yourself is like loving someone else you deeply care about.
Once you fall in love with yourself ... You’ll be able to fall in love with anyone else even people who don't really like you. I am serious. You can also fall in love with yourself by doing good deeds and by expressing yourself honestly.
Of course, you should also be a good person in order to like yourself as well (socially considerate, respectful etc).

Here are a few ways you can learn to love yourself better.
Inspirational reasons to love your self
1. Know that self love comes from within and not from the outside. People are different and that is beautiful in itself.
2. Hug yourself often ... and compliment yourself too (you would do it to someone you like or love so it's okay to do it for yourself to).
3. Learn to enjoy being by yourself because you will spend the rest of your life with yourself ... people come and go in your life but you'll always be there for you.
4. Realize that you don't need to look like anyone else ... you can only look like yourself. There's no need to look like anyone else unless you really want to.
5. Know that you don’t need make-up to be attractive or beautiful. Make-up is just a decoration (in my nicest words) not something that brings out true beauty.
6. Learn to enjoy staring at yourself in mirrors (without make-up on) and compliment yourself as often as possible. This is really good for your self-esteem aswell.
7. Don't fear your own body (it’s not going to bite you) because it's YOURS and nobody owns you. If you choose to SHARE your body with someone else that's your choice.
8. Know that there is nothing wrong with touching and bringing pleasure to yourself because it's YOUR BODY do what ever you wish with it but be considerate of yourself and others.
9. Talk to yourself (out loud or just in your head) in the way you would talk to someone you truly love and include loving comments as if you are your own loving partner ... because you are.
10. Know that name brands and superficialities don't make you beautiful.
11. Knowing that you truly love yourself is just as wonderful as being loved by someone else ... but self love is always there within you ... bringing you comfort at all times. It is there for you 24/7.