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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How Real is the Law of Attraction

Law of attraction is real like the law of gravity. It exists whether you believe it or not. You can't create this law. It is there. We exist within this law because we are alive.

The law of gravity exists whether we want to believe it or not. If I try and jump out off a building or into a river, the law of gravity exists no matter if I am a good person or a bad person or if I'm good looking or rich. Once I fall, there is no turning back. That is the law of gravity. So is the law of attraction.

We are drawing into our lives according to how we think and feel. It is happening in every part of our life. Look at the person and things we have. Our thoughts become things. When we bring the thought and feeling together, law of attraction manifests in your life.

Some people may say "I'm a great person", I am this or that but the thought and the feeling doesn't match. When they don't match you can have more of what you are feeling (which maybe negative) even if you are thinking something positive. You can't just say "I am getting faster and faster or better and better" at something if you don't have that feeling to go with what you are saying.