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Monday, May 26, 2008

Believe! Imagine! Your Way to a Thinner You!

Have you tried diet after diet with no success?

Do you lose weight and then put it right back on?Do you exercise regularly … to no avail? Are you on the weight loss - weight gain roller coaster? How many times have you heard your relatives say, “Oh, it’s in the genes. You can’t do anything about your weight.” If any of these questions describes what is happening to you in your attempt to lose weight, you may need one more ingredient in the “diet recipe” – add the power of your mind to attain your perfect body image, size and weight. With the aid of visual imagery, goal setting and affirmations, you can re-create a new you. Discover the mind/body connection and believe and imagine your way to a thinner you!

For many years hypnosis has been “famous” in assisting people to lose weight. Even after the sessions with the hypnotherapist are over people can continue to use self-hypnosis. Actually, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. It is simply a matter of learning how to use visual imagery and melt the pounds off.

The mind has the power to change the body’s actions and reactions. A new awareness and belief that you can actually control bodily processes and that your cells react to your thoughts is the first step in self -healing. You simply program your brain like you might program your computer and the body follows suit. Of course, I encourage you to also select a well balanced diet and continue exercising in some form.

Many doctors that deal with over-weight patients now understand that the most important factor in weight loss is not the diet. What’s more important are the changes that need to take place in behavior, attitude and self-image if the weight is to come off and stay off. A very small percentage of people who lose weight will keep it off after one year. The weight goes back on because the person did not alter the self-image. These people still think of themselves as a fat person and they behave like one. A dieter must act, eat, dress and behave like a thin person.

You may ask, “but how does this all work?” The mind/body cannot distinguish the difference between what is real and what is not real. In other words, it cannot tell the difference between the holograms the brain uses to experience reality and the ones it uses while imagining reality. Both have an awesome effect on the human body. It is so powerful that it can modulate the immune system, heal wounds quickly, melt tumors, override our genetic programming and reshape our bodies. And the great news is that every one of us possesses the ability to influence our health and re-shape our physical form!

In recent years the study of quantum physics has produced a new breed of medical doctors. There is a new thought and attitude, backed up by scientific research, that the power lies within us to transform our bodies. In the 1970’s scientists found new chemicals called neurotransmitters that transmit nerve impulses and act as “communicator molecules.”

Therefore, the neurons of the brain can “talk to” all of the body. Depak Chopra explains in his book, “Ageless Body, Timeless Mind,” that neurotransmitters are like runners that go to and from the brain. They tell every organ of our emotions, desires, memories, dreams and intuitions. They can be coded into chemical messages and touch the life of every cell. Wherever a thought goes, these chemicals go, too. Just to think promotes responses throughout the body.

Everything that leaves tracks in the mental universe must leave tracks in the physical one also. In the mind/body, information and matter unite. But the information has a longer life span. A cell is memory that built matter around itself, forming a pattern. The thought is the molecule, the molecule the thought. Obese people can diet their whole lives but their weight may not depend primarily on how much and what they eat. These people must take control at a very deep level and work with the subconscious.

The brain of a fat person sends signals out for too much food. If they lose weight, it is registered in their brain as a famine and the next time there is food, they will gain the weight back, plus more, as a safety factor if there should be another famine. The brain can change metabolism so that calories are stored as fat instead of being burned up as fuel.

Everyone has the power to make mental images. The images are the thoughts and desires of the goals to be achieved. Impress these on the subconscious mind and visual images are created. Auditory and kinesthetic images are also made. The thought has the power.

Everything is the result of the mind in action. The thought comes first, then the response or action follows. The conscious part of the mind deposits information and the subconscious part of the mind uses it, and it uses it to regulate body function and emotion.

The brain controls every cell in the body. Some direction must be conveyed to and from the brain, resulting in inaction or action. Change takes place when conscious awareness is reduced and the subconscious is dominant in the moment. One can purposely reduce awareness of the conscious mind by relaxing and using creative imagery.

The subconscious accepts everything as true. It only rejects information that is against the natural law of survival or against the client’s moral code. When the subconscious mind creates an image of belief, the conscious mind changes itself to fit that image. Behavior patterns change and there is success. In this state of being, one is focused and directed.

The subconscious accepts suggestions and this is recorded in the brain’s memory bank. Accepting the suggestions regarding weight loss, the subconscious mind directs the brain to create these body changes.Using self-hypnosis on a day to day basis, at least twice a day, will assist you to reprogram your personal computer. You will stick to those foods you wish to eat and avoid those you wish to avoid. Just imagine yourself resisting temptation! The changes WILL take place!