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Friday, May 30, 2008

Incorporating Eternity into Your Belief System

If there is one piece of spirituality information that will accelerate your spiritual growth it is the idea that you are an eternal being. This concept is totally liberating but in order to incorporate it into your belief system you are going to have to think different thoughts and get out of your comfort zone. Here's where a lot of people get hung up because they are familiar with that aspect of themselves they no longer want to be associated with.
Whether it means to stop smoking, quit a job they hate, get out of a stifling relationship or whatever big or small thing you no longer desire, or that you feel no longer serves you, at least you are familiar with it. It is in your comfort zone. It is known. If you desire to change that experience then you will be going outside your comfort zone. You will be going from the known experience, which no longer serves you, to the unknown experience that may or may not serve you, “But Mama, that's where the fun is.” (Queen, “Bohemian Rhapsody”)
The fun in life is going outside your comfort zone to experience those aspects of life that are unknown in your present awareness. It doesn't mean that you don't know about them because remember, you know all things (you just voluntarily forgot all things upon entering the physical universe). It just means that you have not brought them forth into your present awareness and the only way to do that is to create what it is you desire into your present reality.
Choose it and create it. What are you afraid of? What is the worst thing that could happen? Is the worst thing that could ever happen to be that you might die? Is that the worst thing that could ever happen to you? Do you think that if you chose to quit smoking you will die? (Do you see the irony here?) Do you think that if you quit your job that is killing you inside, you will die completely, inside and out? Do you think that if you remove yourself from a stifling or abusive relationship that does not allow you to be yourself that you will die? Well, let's go to the worst-case scenario.
What if the sudden withdrawal from the daily ingestion of nicotine is such a traumatic experience for your body (instead of the body rejoicing as a first stage of a return to health) that it just calls it quits and you experience your physical death? Well, so what? You go through the experience of your mind-body-spirit leaving your physical body, you return to the realm of the absolute, you choose to reflect on all of the different perspectives of love that you experienced during the last phase of your eternal existence and you make the next choice about how you wish to re-birth yourself and what you desire to experience next. It is not the end of your existence. It is the beginning of a new form of existence.
What do you choose next? It doesn't matter when you ask that question. You can ask it right now, you can ask it in the next moment of now and you can ask it just as you are leaving your earthly body.
In fact, that is what you are doing whether you are conscious of it or not. We are in the eternal process of making our next choice to determine who and what we choose to be. Are little light bulbs coming on in your head telling you that it would probably be the wisest course of action to be more conscious more of the time? Are little light bulbs going on in your head telling you that it is all right, even desirable, to get out of your comfort zone? Are little light bulbs going on in your head telling you that you are in charge of your life? Are little light bulbs going on in your head telling you to package yourself to be the best, most desirable product available? Are little light bulbs going on in your head telling you that it is silly to set limits on what you can be and what you can accomplish? Is there a huge thousand watt mega bulb coming on in your head that is illuminating so brightly that it is enlightening your whole beingness, telling you that your life is an eternal process? Does this serve you? If it does, then I want you to “Be what serves you.”
Can you see how just this one shift in your belief system can change the course of your life? If you change your paradigm about death you change your paradigm about life. If you looked at your life as an on-going, never-ending process of creation instead of a birth to death, finite time line of learning and discovery, you would lose your fear of death. What a liberating idea. To no longer be afraid of dying frees up your options and allows you to create at a much higher level because, you see, you are living at a much higher level. Once you accept the concept that your beingness is eternal, you no longer have the excuse that there is not enough time for you to create what you desire.