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Friday, August 29, 2008

Where’s Your Success

Don’t you just get fed up hearing about all these successful people and how well they are doing? You don’t begrudge others their success, as you know they deserve to be successful, and have probably worked really hard to get what they have. But you know you have been trying really hard to be successful too, and no matter how hard you try nothing seems to work. It’s just not fair is it? So what’s the difference? There must be something that they’re doing that you aren’t but what is it?

Maybe there are some underlying beliefs you have, that you are not even aware of that are stopping you from getting what you want. At some core level you are sabotaging yourself without even being conscious of what you are doing. Hard to believe isn’t it?

You were born to be successful, but from a very early age you start learning how to be unsuccessful. As a kid you believed you could do and be anything you wanted with no limitations. In the games you played you actually believed you were superman or bat woman with no limitations on what you could do. When you sung into your pretend microphone you just knew you were going to be the next big rock star. You were happy, carefree and afraid of nothing.

Then as you grew up you started listening to the adults around you, and as they are bigger than you, you started believing everything they said. I’m sure you have heard them before…”you can’t have everything in life”, “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “that’s just not practical” etc. etc. You started to believe what they said and all of a sudden your light is turned off and you stop wanting altogether. You start living life from a practical, logical perspective. “If I want to get anywhere in life I’ll have to work hard”. “It doesn’t matter what job I have as long as I can earn enough money to pay the bills”. Before you know it you have taken on layer after layer of all these beliefs and your whole life revolves around living your life within the boundaries of those beliefs.

Once you realize that this is what you’re doing, then you can start paying attention to what you’re thinking about on a daily basis. Just by recognizing what you’re thinking about will help you free up some of your attention around your old beliefs. You can begin to replace those old beliefs with some new ones that will start bringing you the things you want.

Once you recognize that a thought or belief is not serving you then you need to replace it with something that will move you in the direction of your dreams. Your ability to change the thoughts and ideas you have of yourself will determine your success.

In Sandy Forster’s book “How to be wildly Wealthy Fast” you will learn quick and easy success secrets that will help you achieve your dreams. And by following the simple strategies you’ll soon be on your way to creating the success you desire and deserve.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Learn ways to motivate yourself

Being motivated in life is quite difficult with showers of sadness and sorrow that soak us from time to time. You just struggle out of one stormy weather only to get into another.
At this time the mind conjures negative emotions and with increasing bitter incidents it gets ugly. For instance you start your own business, but burn your fingers and when you try to withdraw you only realise you are neck deep in debt. So how do you overcome such untoward accidents? Well as it is said, ‘it’s all in the mind’.
If you are feeling negative, your mind builds a consortium of negativity, but if there have positive thoughts then your mind will flood you with all the goodness in the world. So how do you shift the direction of your mind?
First understand yourself and your thoughts. Learn what situations pinch you and what bring a smile to your face. So for instance when in a bad mood you meet your friends baby on the way and play with it, suddenly you have forgotten all your worries, then you know what calms you. Similarly know what triggers your emotion and try to keep away from it.
There are basically three foundational reasons why you lose motivation in life.
a) Lack of confidence – So you want to learn cooking but create a blunder every time you enter the kitchen. Now you think you are not fit to be in the kitchen and give up. Moreover if someone says that you are horrible in the kitchen it adds to your gloominess and increases negativity. All this is simply because you lose confidence in yourself.
b) No focus – You do not know what it is it you want. You are giving all your attention to the things you do not have. A designer dress, coveted furniture or that pricey promotion. This makes you jealous of people who posses those things and changes your attitude towards them.
c) The direction – you do not know where you are heading. You want to buy a house but do not know which one to pick. You finding it difficult to arrange for the down payment and so are in panic. This occurs because you are not taking one step at a time. You lacked homework and are now in the lurch.
Now that you know the reasons lets look at the solutions.
a) Build your confidence – list down all your positive aspects and the negative aspects. Now look at how you can better your positive and cut down the negativity. Read books on how to get better, exercise and eat healthy. Look into the mirror daily and say, ‘yes I can do it!’ Then you can cook or do whatever you want.
b) Increase concentration – whenever your mind wanders away try to get it back on track. Your mind follows a pattern; once you can crack the pattern you can amend it too. Think of yourself as you have the dress, the furniture you dream of or the promotion you seek and soon you will have it.
c) Know where you are heading – write the list of things you want to do. Then take up one at a time and study it thoroughly. Make up your mind on do’s and don’ts. Take some professional help if you need.
So if you want to buy a house, what is the first step? Sought out your money and put everything in writing. This serves as a ready reckoner whenever you want to fall back on it.Always remember there is no one perfect in this world.
So do not be disheartened if you do not succeed. Be yourself and improve yourself – your dreams are then not far away. Let your peers enhance your motivation level through communication, wisdom and team building activities. Motivation helps in improving your communication skills, enhancing confidence and achieving success.

Monday, August 25, 2008

What Do You WANT? What Do You DESERVE?

This article is used for discovering our needs from life, our desires for where we want to be and who we want to become. Remember life is not about finding out who we are but about creating who we want to become, the things we will leave behind with our team, our family and our friends.


You may or may not be suprised to hear that not everyone in this world is always aware of how they fit into their community or what they want to do with themselves. There are many people who have such amazing minds and can accomplish so many things yet they are never sure of what direction in life they would like to take.

From our studies of excellence and successful people we can see that each person who considers themselves to be successful and peaceful within themselves all have this outcome for who they want to be in life. In fact it goes a step further than that because they not only know who or what they want to become but they can describe it to you in explicit detail. They have images and sounds in their minds that accurately show them what they are going towards and with this they build a tenacious resolve deep inside to become this all successful human being. Even before they achieve their successes, on their way down the road to their various goals they experience comfort and total peace of mind as they are getting closer to that dream with every passing minute.


Walter Disney is known as a famous cartoonist and for making Disney World and Disneyland. His dream was to become a cartoonist and he made his dream come true. Not only did it come true but DisneyWorld today is one of the most renowned and spectacular cartoon producers ever! That is the product of knowing your outcome. In fact not to long ago at a news conference a reporter asked representatives of DisneyWorld what they thought Walt would have said about Disney World today. Their reply was along the lines of - "What do you mean? He saw it first!". They realised that it was all made possible because of one mans dream and in that dream he saw exactly what he was going to produce - his very own Disney World.

Another example of this is Bill Gates. From the very beginning Bill always knew his personal outcome. He wanted to come up with some software that would be used to run every computer in the entire world. Some dream! Did he make it come true? Well I think we can safely say yes he did because MS Dos and the Windows operating systems have been implemented on more than 95% of the worlds computers. How amazing is that? He didnt even come up with the software to begin with, he purchased the Dos system from IBM in the early days for little over 35, 000 dollars and now hes the richest man alive. That is some by-product of one teenagers dream.


However, before we can see our lifes dream come around like our friends Walt Disney and Bill Gates, there is a need to establish what our desired outcome really is. Where do we want to be? Who do we want to become? What is it in life that is really that important to us? We need an answer to these questions to grow in life, its vital to have direction in order to feel fulfilment and real satisfaction in your life.

So lets get to the specifics, how can we know and begin to develop our outcome? In order for us to look at what your personal outcome is for your life and who you want to become you need to think about your desires for life and what you believe is a must have/be or what is a could have/be. To start thinking along these lines, do the following exercise with a pen and paper and see what you can come up with.

1. Remember back to when you were young and when you were just starting to realise that your life is yours and you can direct it any way you like. Remember the times that the adults in your life would ask you what you would like to do when you grow up. What was your answer? At the age of 7 or 8 what did you want to do when you became a grown up? Think about it for a moment and see that small you thinking "Hmmm, what would I like to do?".

In your minds eye bring that image of what you wanted to do up close and make it bright and colourful, really see what it was that you wanted to do. Take your time, for some this does not come easy. Once you have a large bright image of what you wanted to do in your minds eye, think about what that job or role would have meant about you as a person.

For example would it show you to be caring, intelligent, humble or would it show you to love people or that you are explorative and open minded? Take some time to list the things that this job you wanted to do would say about you as a person.Once you have a list of things written down, think how many other pursuits in life could lead to having the same fundamental characteristics as the job you desired when you were younger. What else could you do to become that person that you always wanted to become? How else can you achieve your lifes desires and goals and to truly feel fulfilled in yourself? To add more juice to the things coming into your mind right now try going through the second step in creating a well defined outcome for your life.

2. Now is the time to really let go and be silly. Use your imagination in this step like you have never used it before. Dont allow beliefs about how the world really works stop you from exploring every avenue of life in this exercise.What I want you to do now is to imagine that everything you do in your life from now on will be 100% totally successful. Nothing will ever fail for you from this point onwards in your life. Now from this position of power, make a list of as many different things you would like to accomplish. What would you do, would you buy a yatch and sail the world? Would you find a cure to a fatal disease? Would you make it your mission to move towards world peace? Would you burn all your clothes and get a new wardrobe and become a new person, an excelling person who loves his/her life? Write down all the things that you would like to do if everything you did was totally successful. List them all and leave nothing out. Nothing is too silly or mad or impossible for this exercise. What would you do? Think about it. Write it down.

3. So by now you should have two lists and be able to see yourself doing them in your minds eye very vividly and colourful and bright. If not just spend some time looking over the lists and practice seeing yourself already accomplishing the things noted down. Notice how the pictures look in your mind and how that makes you feel.

4. In this step you need to go through your lists and pick out just 5 things that will affect your life for the better. That will move you towards your goal of who you want to become and give you the results you truly deserve. Carefully consider each item and weigh up the time lines before committing to it as a goal for your life. Select just 5 things so that you can give complete time and energy and remain focused on pursuing your lifes outcome.This four step process will enable us to identify the meaning of who we want to become and give us the images in our minds of what life will be like when we have accomplished them. There are some important factors when establishing our lifes outcome which need to be addressed if we are to remain juiced about it or stay motivated about it through the duration of acquiring the changes and the desired results.

These factors can easily be remembered as follows:

i) Stated positively in terms of what we want. The human mind does not comprehend negatives. What do I mean by this? Well for example try not noticing the sensation in your stomach right now, or try not thinking of the colour blue. Its pretty much impossible because you first have to know what it is you are not thinking about the then replace it with something else. The human mind works using positives so dont state goals such as I dont want to smoke anymore. Rather state something like I want to become a healthy vibrant individual with lots of energy and passion for life. Stating it this way and using this to form your images of your desired results will drastically increase your chances of achieving your lifes outcome.

ii) Described in sensory based language. Now that we have stated our outcome in positive language we can now ask "What will I see, hear and feel when I have my outcome?". Doing this will help us to realise when we have fully realised our desires for our life. Close your eyes briefly and see the pictures of what it will be like when you achieve your desired outcome. Listen carefully to your surroundings as you realise your goal and see how that makes you feel inside. Doing this will setup your nervous system to continually look forward to achieving the goals and drives you towards them until achieved.

iii) Self initiated and self controlled. Although you can control your own mind and emotions you cannot control those of others. So, for example, it would be futile to base outcomes on changing your spouse or parent(s). You must be in control of your desired outcome and only you can know how and when to achieve it.

iv) Appropriately contextualized. We need to build our outcomes for our lives so that it fits into all the appropriate areas of our lives. If we over generalize our outcomes we may find that they are inappropriate in some areas in our lifes. Think about when, where and with who you wish to have this outcome. Do you want it in all places and without limitations?

v) Maintain appropriate secondary gain. All of our present behaviour provides us with some positive values and outcomes. It may not always be obvious but there will always be a positive intention behind the behaviour for example a smoker will get some positive feedback from the experience of a smoke despite its destructiveness on the body. You need to ensure that your outcome would be desirable in your entire ecology or system. For example ask yourself what would you loose if you achieved your goals? Would you loose any personal time for yourself? Would it hinder your relationships with your family? Would you have to give up anything that you feel is important to have your success?

vi) Build the needed resources. To have any desired outcome we need resources. If someone cannot clearly imagine themselves having the outcome it is often an indication that they do not have all the require resources. What do you have now and what do you require to achieve your goals? Have you or anyone else you know ever done this before? Where can you find more information regarding your specific sensory based and well defined outcome?

vii) Ecology check. In order to achieve anything in life you need to ensure that it fits your entire system, your family, your work, your friends. Does it fit who you are or who you want to become? Ask the following questions and think about your answers before committing to the results you desire: What will happen if you get it? What wont happen if you get it? What will happen if you dont get it? What wont happen if you dont get it?


By now you should have a well defined, sensory based and ecologically sound outcome for your life. You already knew deep inside what you wanted but perhaps it has never been an appropriate time to think about it like this before. Now you should go and celebrate.

Congratulate yourself and start dreaming about how you are going to start your journey to building a new, totally satisfied and truly peaceful you.If you require any further help, please take the time to look through our other articles as they cover a wide variety of issues and they are free. We just want you to achieve your best and we know you are more then the sum of your parts. We also have personal life coaches for those who are interested in taking their life to the next step.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

When Opportunities Come Knocking Making Decisions Easily

Everything comes into our lives for a reason. Feng Shui teaches us that nothing happens by accident, there are no coincidences and you always meet the people you are supposed to meet.

When opportunities come knocking, it is wise to be there to answer the door. While some don't appear to be anything particularly interesting or even inviting, based on the fact that you are working with the laws of attraction, it is always wise to look into something without just turning it down.
Everything comes into our lives for a reason. Feng Shui teaches us that nothing happens by accident, there are no coincidences and you always meet the people you are supposed to meet.
When opportunities come knocking, it is wise to be there to answer the door. While some don't appear to be anything particularly interesting or even inviting, based on the fact that you are working with the laws of attraction, it is always wise to look into something without just turning it down.
Ask yourself if you are unconsciously putting up barriers. We have to be in the state of "allowance" to invite everything into our lives. Knowing that they are there for a reason might be a tool in determining your ultimate decision. How can you know what to do when you simply don't KNOW what to do? Here are some ideas that might help you along.

Some people meditate regularly, others not at all. Meditation is nothing more then a deep state of reaction, when you are not thinking of anything at all and have nothing inside to "clutter" your head and confuse an already overworked brain. Instead of trying so hard to focus on an answer to a dilemma we are facing, try allowing the answer to just come to you.
Another way to accomplish this is to think about the issue just before bedtime. And then let it go for the night. Whoever said you shouldn't make a big decision without sleeping on it was 100% correct. You can often wake up, knowing what to do; more importantly then that, you'll wake up without doubts. Later on the shoulda, woulda, coulda's can't bother you as we all seem to always second guess our decisions.
Taking a walk can clear your head as well. Spending time outdoors with nature for some of us is a state of allowing thoughts, decisions and energy to just flow. Since we are connected to everything by energy, the outdoor energy of plants and tress, birds and animals is essential to our well being. Some of us prefer a more tranquil setting such as the beach. If at all possible, spend some time outdoors.
Also, remember to pray. If your thoughts are focused, your intentions clear and mindful, it doesn't matter who or what you choose to pray to. Prayers are heard whether by God, Buddha, Source Energy or The Universe. There is a power in prayer and also a releasing of things to a higher power that will help you find your answers and your direction; you won't have to worry about a possible missed opportunity again.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thank God You Were Born That Way!

Admit it. Sometimes you look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself “I wish I was born fairer..”, or “I wish I could cut my feet to make it smaller!” … or “I wish I could wish myself thinner!”

It goes waaaay back in history as exhibited in my previous article how women would do horrible deeds only to look beautiful and maintain their beauty, and although science has made it possible to completely change someone’s looks, there are still a couple of traits that God gave us that has made us survive this ever-changing world.

Born Big?

You’re a jolly big fellow! Although media has put the pressure on “big” people to lose weight, studies from a research team in England suggest that the bigger you are, the happier your outlook will be. Those with low BMI have a bigger chance of experiencing depression and anxiety, and commit suicide. Why so? The key factor: Serotonin, which is found in high levels in big people. Serotonin makes people become calmer, and have a happier outlook in life.

Born Blonde

Forget the dumb blonde cliché - so what? At least you really DO have more fun. Blondes naturally have more hair on their head than other hair colored individuals. If the average head has 100,000 hair follicles, blondes had 146,000! The most dense hair award belongs to redheads with about 86,000 follicles, while brown haired have 100,000, and black haired with 110,000.

Born looking a bit.. soft?

You know how it is - your guy friends telling you your chin ain’t tough enough! So what?! Leave the teasing to the “kids” - at least when you’re ready to get married, more women are likely to pick you (hmm this may work to your disadvantage as well if you’re not the marrying type as you are more likely to meet women who are the looking for a potential life-time mate).

Women see men with more rounded features as loyal, warm, and nurturing - just the perfect future father to her kids!

Born a bit cleverer than the rest?

Okay so being born smart has its rewards - but did you know that a higher IQ helps you live longer? Researchers have found that those with “good versions” of a gene linked to intelligence could live to a 100! However those with not so good versions are less likely to live beyond 85.
Geek out here.

Born with a not so fab derriere?

Since the bootyliciousness of Beyonce, J.Lo, & Kim Kardashian, it’s been a norm to see a badonkadonk that’s beyond proportion. However, remove that frown from your face, not-so-gifted one. Most women who have big derrieres don’t have it easy as it may seem - they have a tough time getting into jeans! So maybe you have it small from behind, but at least you can fit in those jeans just fine - and you don’t have to endure the unwanted attention of men on the streets right? Big derrieres are not for the faint of heart.

Born with Big Feet?

So you have it difficult at the shoe department… “we don’t have your size here”, or you get stepped on more often than the kid next door. Fret not. Being born with big feet has its benefits too! Big feet could mean more stability for you; most successful athletes have large feet. Now if it doesn’t make you feel better, then listen up: the biggest feet on record was a size 37AA (47cm, 18 ½ inches long). Now tell me if you still feel bad.

Born Dark?

At least you don’t have to worry about getting skin cancer at the age of 18.Whether we like or not, we are stuck with the physical traits we have - for now. I’m not hoping (as it may have repercussions from religious zealots), but I feel like in the near future there will be a way to modify our genes even before we are born. But for now, just take a good look at the mirror, smile at that creature in front of you and say, “Thank God I was born this way!”

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stop Hiding Out and Playing Small in Your Life

”Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.” Marianne Williamson

Has your business suffered because you have been hiding out and playing small? Has fear, shame, guilt, or abuse from your past kept you from creating the success you want and deserve in your life? That’s right, abuse! We have all experienced some form of abuse in our life (myself included) whether it is physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal abuse.

Someone said something or did something to you that caused you to question your worthiness, value, dignity, and your ability to succeed. Plus you don’t talk about it thinking it will simply go away. But guess what? It keeps showing up at the most inopportune times in your life and your business. Imagine that! And guess what else? It will keep showing up until you deal with it, go through it, and let go of it.

Did you know that all of these experiences can cause you to be a major People Pleaser? Uh, yeah! As long as you’re doing for others, you don’t have to be accountable or honor our commitments to ourselves. The more I do my own internal work and the more I work with people I see how this insidious abuse keeps us stuck. It can show up in many ways.

For instance, low self esteem, lack of self confidence, fear of commitment, afraid to let others get too close to us, fear of abandonment, guilt when you spend money on yourself, fear of making a mistake, fear of taking any risks, afraid to ask for what you want, fear of rejection, afraid of not being liked or loved, and fear of not being enough for whatever reason. And the list can go on and on.

What’s the bottom line? Fear of being who you really are. Why? Because deep down you think (notice I said THINK) that you’re not worthy enough to have the success you want in your life.

The result of this stinking thinking is little by little you give away your power and you settle for mediocrity in your life. I don’t know about you, but I have no intention of waking up at 80 years old full of shoulda, woulda, and coulda’s. Life is too short and contrary to popular belief you don’t get to do this over again.

Stepping out of my cushy comfort zone and allowing myself to be vulnerable has been the work of all work for me. All sorts of fears came up for me. What if I don’t like it? What if it doesn’t work? And then there is my money conversation. Am I worth it to spend this money on myself? Add to the mix, my friends and loved ones keep asking me daily if I’m sure I want to do whatever it is. Yes guys, I’m sure. I know in my heart of hearts that this is what’s next for me.

So, how do you stop sabotaging yourself? LET GO of all the negative stories and stuff that have kept you stuck. You’ve given them enough of your precious time and energy. Quit giving them permission to bring you down. It’s time to move to a new playground – one with green grass and lots of flowers that remind you to bloom each day. Be true to yourself and your core values.

You’re worth it and you deserve it.


Take action in the face of your fear. Step out of your comfort zone and go after what you want in your life. Quit worrying about what other people think. Believe me, those that love you will be there for you no matter what and the rest of the folks don’t matter anyway. When you take courageous action, you give others permission to do the same. Just think what a gift you can be to others.


Give up being the Lone Ranger. Chances are if this negative stuff is still holding you back, then it’s time to get support from someone you trust, whether it be a coach, mentor, or counselor. I would not be where I am today had it not been for coaches who cared enough about me to hang in there with me. Because left to my own devices, I would not have learned the tools to deal with it all and move through it.

To paraphrase Marianne Williamson, ‘Your playing small doesn’t serve the world….” It is time for you think bigger and bolder about yourself, your purpose and bring more of you to the table of life. Opportunities for success are waiting for you at every turn, but you must first make the decision to take leap of faith and open up to receive them.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Start your day with Happiness!

Happiness, Love, Luck…… Are you looking for that?
Then be ready to commit yourself to be happy.
Put now all your worries, troubles, doubts into the hand and blow it strong away. Try to start each day with the following proven recommendations and you will meet a lot of positive changes one by one each day.
Do you know that the ocean starts from drop? Take your chance to dive later in the ocean of happiness doing these small things each day:
1) Put a smile on your face when you get up in the morning (you will recognize that you are not used to that)! DO IT! It means – I give a good chance for all good things to happen during this day. Say “GOOD morning” first to yourself and then to everyone else.
2) NO BAD WORDS! Kick them out from your mind and mouth!For a lot of people it is one of the most difficult tasks, but think now how many times per day you say sh.t, f..k, d..n and so on? And you expect positive changes?
4) DON’T BLAME neither yourself nor the others.
5) NO sad, depressive, fatal books, songs or TV programs.
6) Love yourself! YOU ARE the unique person! Say to yourself often how much you love yourself.
7) When you say “THANK YOU” to someone during day, please, mean it in deed. The same when you ask someone “HOW ARE YOU?” – mean it indeed!!! You will feel the difference! People will get warmer to you!
8) If someone tries to spoil your mood, don’t react on it. Say “Thank you very much!” Why? - Because this person gives you the lesson of patience. Be above such provocations!
9) If you have a dream to learn something, or to start searching for another job – DO IT NOW! Change your life TODAY! Do you think that you can follow these recommendations at least for one week? Great! Then be ready for happy surprises soon.
Find your happiness and attract positive things into your life. Make your wishes to come true. It is more than possible.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Do Nice Employees Finish Last?

Rather than being one dimensional--either a terror or a softie--it is advantageous to have a tough streak that can be applied when necessary. This requires being able to read situations correctly, including one's own strengths and weaknesses, the nature of the organization, and the demands of the problem or opportunity at hand.
Trump or Buffett?
Looking at role models among successful people can provide conflicting answers to the question of whether nice employees finish last. Donald Trump, who is arguably the world's most high-profile boss, seems to pride himself on exhibiting boorish behavior. This is the animal-kingdom approach to leadership, where being a leader means being able to periodically assert your dominance over the rest of the pack, which in turn keeps the pack in line and amplifies the leader's power.
However, before anyone assumes this is the sole blueprint for success, they should consider another example. Not the world's most high-profile boss, but simply the world's richest man: Warren Buffett. Since money is the business world's means of keeping score, Buffett's fortune, earned at the helm of Berkshire Hathaway, would put him at the top of the heap. In contrast to Trump, Buffett is known for his folksy charm, proving that there is more than one path to success.
What to Consider Before Playing Hardball
As for which role model today's employees should follow, the answer might be to draw from both. Certainly, being easygoing and accommodating all the time would probably result in a person being overlooked and bypassed for opportunities, but the Attila-the-Hun act can lead to spectacular career flameouts. To help determine the right approach, here are five questions an employee should think about before deciding to play hardball.
• What is the culture of the organization?
The tough-guy (or gal) act will play better in some companies than others. For example Wall Street firms are notorious for audacious displays of power by executives. Move to the West Coast though and many Internet firms prefer a more supportive and collaborative approach. In between, the range is as wide culturally as it is geographically, and it is important for employees to understand the ethos of their own firms. It is important to know whether one is expected to run with the bulls or to avoid being a bull in a china shop.
As a general rule, keep in mind that a Harvard Business School survey found that people would rather work with a lovable fool than a competent jerk. Whether this is right or wrong is immaterial--it's simply the way people are. The competent jerk's skills may be devalued just because other employees don't want input or involvement from someone they can't stand.
• Who are the other players?
A company may be a bare-knuckles environment, but it's always wise to check out the strength of the competition before starting a fight. A corporate culture that embraces open competition is likely to attract a wide field of people willing to play tough. Especially when dealing with more experienced people it is important that an employee choose carefully when and how to take them on. Here's where a little diplomacy can be a nice complement to more confrontational attributes, because building alliances might be the only way to get around more entrenched employees.
• Does the employee have indispensable skills?
Being assertive works very well for employees who have indispensable skills. Someone who is hard to replace can afford to be a little more demanding. On the other hand, an employee who does not add value or is easily replaced can ill afford to make waves. In other words, someone should not risk becoming a problem employee if the easiest solution to that problem is to find a replacement.
• What is the employee's true nature?
Not everyone is cut out to be a type "A" personality. People who aren't really cutthroat by nature tend to fail when they try to act that way, and they make themselves miserable in the process. People who do best at the take-no-prisoners approach to business are those who instinctively think of life as a personal competition that they are driven to win. This certainly does not mean more mild-mannered sorts can't be successful. It's just that the Trumps of the world have to act like the Trumps, and the Buffetts have to act like the Buffetts. Any attempt to act otherwise will soon wear thin.
• What are the employee's career goals?
Long-term career goals also make a difference in how a person should act in the workplace. Someone who has the CEO's office in mind needs to make an impression early and often. This doesn't necessarily mean stepping on toes, but chances are a race to the top slot will entail demonstrating dominance over other competitors somewhere along the line. On the other hand, most people have no interest in the pressures and commitment the top slot entails. For employees who want purely to find a comfortable niche within an organization, making waves is the wrong way to go.
The Winning Formula
For those keeping score--and in the corporate world, just about everybody is--Warren Buffett is currently considered the world's richest man, while Donald Trump failed to crack the top 100. Still, Trump's ruthless approach has made him a billionaire in his own right, proving that there is more than one path to a successful career.For most people, the winning formula might be to blend a little of both approaches. It's good to show ambition, willingness to make tough decisions, and the ability to stand one's ground when necessary. At the same time, wrapping that iron fist in a velvet glove of good manners and teamwork will make an employee more likely to be sought out for opportunities.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

You can manifest a miracle! And attract all you ever wanted!

When I first heard about Manifest a Miracle, I thought to myself, "oh great, another product rehashing The Secret". It seems like there's way too much redundant information on the Law of Attraction out there, and nothing ever seems to work. But my friend urged me to grab a copy, citing his own success. So I bought it, just to humor him...

Man, was I ever wrong!

Manifest a Miracle is easily the best Law of Attraction book I've read to date, and I've devoured them all!

First off, what all other manifestation products lack, this one embodies from beginning to end. Manifest a Miracle has been lovingly crafted and is meant to teach anyone how to immediately change their life for the better. Where other products offer a theoretical background but little helpful practical advice, Manifest a Miracle contains page after page of practical, useful exercises and processes that can actually get the Law of Attraction working!

Nothing dull or dry - it's all fun stuff!

The author's knowledge and warmth pervade this book. It's obvious that Gary is manifesting his desires, because his happiness and excitement radiate from each page. There is no better teacher than one who is a living example, and Gary is definitely living the life he desires!

Most importantly, the processes given within Manifest a Miracle are easy to practice and surprisingly fun! No more dry, repetitive visualizations - here are some exercises that are really easy to get into, and truly do what they are supposed to do. You'll be feeling great in no time!

And best of all, Gary describes how best to work these exercises into your daily routine in order to wake up feeling good, feel good all day, and go to bed feeling good. Within three days of starting my own schedule, I was feeling fantastic! Two days later and I found my first desire had manifested. Since then, there has been no turning back, and I have Manifest a Miracle to thank for this.

Just think. What would have happened if I hadn't grabbed this book? I'd still be creating a reality I wasn't happy with. I had no idea how easy it really is to attract everything I want!

If you're looking for the one Law of Attraction guide that will give you all of the tools you need to truly manifest your desires with ease, grab a copy of Manifest a Miracle today. It's truly the "feel good" book of the year!

Grab your copy here:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Get What You Want In 30 Minutes

– “People who don’t set goals wind up asking, ‘How come I never got what I wanted out of life?’” Those are the words of Theodore Carl Soderberg, author of the new book “Uncharted Waters.”

Soderberg isn’t just a successful author. He has two honorable discharges from the United States Navy, has been on the silver screen in Basic Instinct and the Rock, has made a small fortune selling exotic cars, and has toured the world with the merchant marines.How has he achieved every dream he has ever wanted?

“Setting goals. That really has been the secret of everything.”

Here are six tips to earn a successful life - one half hour at a time:

1. Identify What You Want – And When You Want It

“Figuring out your dream can be the hardest part,” says Soderberg. “So if you can’t be specific, that’s fine.” You don’t need to have a whole plan in place, says Soderberg. You just need a firm idea in your mind of what you want – and a solid idea of when you want it by.

2. Schedule 30 Minutes For Your Goal – Every Day Set aside a half hour to do something to get closer to your dream.

Every day you build on the progress you made the day before. “You don’t expect to do the whole thing in a day or in a week – but a little bit every day, that really is the key to being successful.”

3. Make Goal Setting A Lifestyle “The key here,” says Soderberg, “Is to make sure it’s at the same time every day.”

If your ‘goal time’ becomes part of your daily routine – you’ll be less likely to blow it off. Your scheduled goal time with yourself is as important as any commitment you’d make to someone else. You wouldn’t dream of blowing off a half hour meeting with your boss – make 30 minutes with yourself just as much of a priority.

4. Divide Your Goal Into Bite Sized Pieces And Tackle Them One At A Time

You can’t expect to reach your goal without accomplishing the smaller steps building up to that success. “If your working on a big dream, break it down into little bite sized dreams along the way.”

5. Congratulate Yourself For Each Step You Complete

Half of keeping motivated is remembering what you are working toward – the other half is acknowledging yourself for the work you’ve already done. Soderberg insists you pat yourself on the back at least once a month. “If that means buying yourself a flat screen or just nodding to yourself in the mirror, that’s up to you.”

6. Finish Up One Goal And Get Ready To Tackle A New One

At some point you’ll accomplish whatever goal you’ve set out to achieve. So why stop now? If you stop dreaming of new goals – your life will get boring again. Build on the goal you’ve achieved, or write down a whole new adventure. Investing 30 minutes a day in your future can change your life. A few months from now you could be thinner. Maybe you could have a retirement plan in place. Maybe your life story could be written. It all comes down to deciding what you want out of life – and taking the action to make it happen. “Once you have the dedication, and the half hour – the only question is: what do you want to achieve?”

Monday, August 11, 2008

Loving Money Attracts More Of It Into Your Life

To be in vibrational resonance with money, you have to love it. If you fear money or do not love it, you will repel it away from you. By thinking thoughts such as you should not love money or feel desire for it, you are causing vibrational dissonance between your subconscious mind and money. By loving money and being comfortable around it like it is your good friend, you free yourself to have money and have it more abundantly.

We have been taught that the love of money is the root of all evil.

Therefore we think that it is wrong to love money. But that is one of the biggest errors the world has ever made about understanding money.

The truth is, the love of money is not evil. It is only the root of evil. The love of anything can be the root of evil. People have done all kinds of evil for love. Love is not evil. It is when people love with ignorance that results in evil. Loving with awareness only results in good.

When you love money, it can be the root of all good or all evil. Remember that all truth are half truths. The glass can be half empty or half full. One perspective is only half the truth. When you can see things one way as well as the opposite, you have full perspective and total truth. When you love money, that love is the root that can grow into that which is good or evil. Loving money with awareness leads to all good whereas loving money with ignorance leads to all evil.

Observe of the way you behave around money. Notice your thoughts and feelings when you are dealing with it. Do you try to handle it discreetly as though you are almost ashamed of it? Do you find it awkward when you talk about any subject that involves money? Do you try to think as little about it as possible as you quickly pass it to the person you are buying something from, or taking it and putting it away hurriedly as if the longer it stays in sight, the more unacceptable it feels?

All of such behaviors and attitudes shows how you really are towards money. You have an unconscious dislike towards money. You may have all the conscious thoughts about how good it is to have money and believing that you are wealthy, but if you are acting like this towards money, you are creating resistance which prevents money from flowing freely to you. This awareness will open your eyes to your relationship with money and free you from unwittingly repelling it.

Wealth is a state of being. Having wealth begins with being wealth. When you are wealth, you are one with everything that is wealth. To be one with something is to love it, accept it, embrace it and be completely comfortable with it. Money being a form of energy that facilitates enjoyment and providence is a form of wealth. Therefore to be wealth is to be one with money and to love it, accept it, embrace it and be completely comfortable with it. Money moves to the one who loves it the most!

Take out some bills from your wallet and hold it in your hands. Look at it and just be with it. Say to yourself that you love money and money loves you. Feel good about it and feel the love for it.

Do the same with your credit cards, your jewelries, your checks, your back account statement, and things that represent money. See all these things not as separated from you, but they are all extensions of your being. The more you love money and are at one with it, the more you attract it into your life.

Treat money with respect and appreciation. When you pass money to someone, do not just chuck it in their hands as if it were a bunch of papers. Hand it over to them as though you were presenting a sword with both hands to a worthy knight. When you receive money, do not take it as though you were grabbing a bunch of dirt and putting it away as if you are trying to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Take your money with appreciation and handle it comfortably as though it is your favorite pen.

Anytime you see money come into your life such as when you see commissions from sales or gifts from people, love it, welcome it and feel that it loves coming to you. Have the attitude that people love to give money for what you have to offer, and share it willingly and happily with you.

Anytime you spend money to get what you desire, do it happily and willingly. Whenever you give money to loved ones or charity, handle your money comfortably and give it as though you are giving your love.

Loving money unites you with it. Fearing money separates you from it. We have an unconscious fear for something when we keep distancing ourselves from it and see it as separate from us. We have an unconscious love for something when we keep being near or around it and see it as a part of us. Allow yourself to identify with money and see your money as you. But when money goes away from you, do not think of yourself as any lesser because to love perfectly is to love freely without attachment.

Love material things in the material world as well. Love your house, your car, your toys, your clothes, your looks, your body and all your material possessions. Feel good about them and see them as all extensions of yourself. Be unashamed to show your money or your material possessions to others. In heaven everyone shows off the beauties of their creation to one another proudly and joyfully. Material things and spiritual things are the same because they are all energy of the source which is God.

People who see themselves as good but see money as evil repel money away from them. People who see themselves as evil but see money as meant for good people, repel money. People who see themselves as good and see money as good attract money to themselves. People who see themselves as evil and see money as evil also attract money to themselves. It is all about being in vibrational resonance by seeing you and money are of the same kind which draws it to you.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

‘No’ hesitation – Say Yes to Saying No

How often have you found yourself unable to say ‘no’ to someone? It isn’t easy turning down an invite or request. There are many reasons why we might find ourselves unable to say no to requests- anxiety, a sense of obligation, wanting to be liked, wanting to be useful or to avoid confrontation. After all, it may mean a lost opportunity or bad feelings, personally or professionally. But if you say yes too often, you may wind up with too much on your plate to complete everything successfully. This can result in greater damage to friendships and business relationships when you fail to come through as promised. It can also have a negative impact on your peace of mind.
Knowing when and how to say no takes practice and preparation, so before you make any decision:
- Ask yourself if the request is something you want to do. Agreeing to do something you don’t like or want to do can lead to stress, even poor performance that jeopardizes your bottom line or a valuable relationship.
- Resist the urge to answer immediately. Tell the person you need time to decide. This way, you can think about your reasons for saying no. And be sure to give the person your decision as promised; this will reduce the risk of additional disappointment or ill will.
- Know your goals. Anything you agree to do should complement or move you closer to achieving your personal and professional goals.
- Weigh the request against your schedule. Knowing that the time and effort required are beyond your ability will make it easier to say no.
- Visualize the word no. Picturing yourself saying no will make it easier to say it when necessary.
Remember, when you say no, you are saying no to a request; not the person. Keep it that way by sticking to the facts. You don’t need to offer a long explanation, just state your reason simply and clearly.
For example:
- “Thanks for thinking of me, but I’m pressed for time and I’ll have to pass.”
- “Thanks for the invitation, but I’m unable to attend.”
- “My schedule is fully booked and I am unable to take on any new volunteer activities this month/year.”
- “I’m unable to take on this project because I don’t have the time to give it my full attention.”
- “Thanks for asking, but my weekends are set aside for family time.”
- “I can't do A, but I can do B for you.”
- “I think that John would be better at that than me.”
Even using these techniques, you may find yourself in situations where an employer, client or friend just won’t accept no for an answer. But before you say yes:
- Ask about alternatives. There may be other ways in which you can help someone – ways that require less effort for you, but are equally valuable and appreciated.
- Change your priorities if necessary. There may be a work-related project where you can’t say no. If so, ask about or look at postponing or delegating other responsibilities. This will give you the time you need to get it done right.
- Suggest another way you can be of assistance
Start getting used to saying no. Practice saying no to your family and friends. You know they will still love you if you decline to do something. Remember, when you say yes to something you are ultimately saying no to something else.
Make sure you are living your life with intent and making decisions based on you goals and values. Saying no to others can mean saying yes to the life you really want.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

How to inspire yourself

Staying motivated is an integral part of life. Else it can roll you to the foot of the hill and you will not even realize it. Going with the flow is an equation people draw up in life. And stick to their formula till the water has dried up in the pond.

Then suddenly they realize that their life has passed by and they have not been able to make something out of it. Another reason why people take up the equation is because of failure. They tried to do something in life but it failed. So they do not want to take that step again. A teacher once in school said, that failure is a stepping-stone to success. Walt Disney is a classic example. He went bankrupt before he could initiate Disneyland. Henry Ford too got broke 5 times before he actually started his business venture.

The first thing to feel motivated it to be with peace with yourself. Don’t draw up the inadequacies in you. Instead look at the advantages. Then look into the mirror everyday and say, “I can do it.” No task is impossible if you believe in yourself.

There are times when family members or close friends look down on your idea and tell you switch it off. But if you believe in yourself, there is no harm trying. Instead of plunging in completely begin completing a smaller task. So if you want to open a business in fabrics. Get yourself the know-how of fabrics – Indian & international, the spend, the manpower required, the logistics and all the details. If you are not in the industry, then take up a job so that you get hands on approach. Partner with someone of your calibre and begin a few transactions. The satisfaction your work will earn you is far more leveraged than sitting and idealizing.

Here are a few pointers to push you off the couch.

• Value what you are thinking and are about to do. Do not look at it as just another thought. If you believe in yourself then value your idea.

• See yourself doing what you want to. So if it is flying a plane then visualize yourself in the cockpit, taking the plane up and soaring the skies.

• Find some motivation and inspiration through quotes or senior people who look up to you.

• Reward yourself every time you have achieved a small target. This way you will be happy with small things that you accomplish.

• Partner with friends or associates who you think will be best to begin the venture. If they are on the same wavelength as yours then the goal will not seem too far.

• Forgiving and forgetting – this is very important if you have not been able to achieve your dream. Agreed, you have burnt your fingers but take it as a learning step. So forgive yourself and others. Forget the episode. Begin on a fresh page.

In today’s stressful life apart from hard work one also needs inspiration to succeed in the task thus good. inspirational quotations and inspirational speeches can help to achieve success in life. As for the stress one has to go through there are many stress management courses conducted that can could help you ease out.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Life of Your Choosing

“The greatest gift Life could have made to you is yourself. You are a spontaneous, self-choosing center of Life, in the great drama of being, the great joy of becoming, the certainty of eternal expansion.” [Unknown]

Everything we think, say, feel, and do (or don’t) is a choice.The moment we recognize the value of this, we can choose to be more conscious about our choices.

In love relationships or any other area of life, staying where you aren’t “fed” is like starving in a banquet hall filled with food. When you go to a banquet, no one makes you eat. When and what you partake of is your choice.

How is this metaphoric scenario any different from life? Everything we’re experiencing in our lives right this moment is the result of a choice, whether it included action or perceived inaction.

When we don’t like our outcomes, we have the power to shift future outcomes at either the inner or outer levels, or both.If you’re one who works with the Law of Attraction or any other form of quantum-thinking system, it can take a while to switch from focusing attention on what you no longer want, or believe needs fixing or changing, to what you desire to expand more of into your life, and how you choose to feel.

The key to the greatest energy or power in this is to realize you can choose how to feel in any moment. You really can. I’m not saying it’s necessarily easy, but you can do it. This includes choosing to feel as bad as you feel you need to for as long as you feel the need to. Honoring your feelings is not a flaw.

Emotional pain happens as a part of life. How you choose to suffer and for how long is up to you (usually long past the event for many).It’s remarkable what can happen when you make a choice about what you prefer and figure out which appropriate action will move you forward to your desired outcome.

For one thing, it takes your emotionally-charged focus off of where it doesn’t belong . . . what you don’t like or judge as not good (or the past), and puts it where it can do the most good . . . on what you wish to create more of in your life.

Perhaps it’s time to recognize exactly how much power you really have in your life, and live it .

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Conscious Breath, what's in it for you?

Breathing, it’s not something that we give much thought to, the body simply takes care of it automatically for us.

Actually, the body takes care of much, much more than most of us realise, it’s truly an incredible form.In fact the body is a supreme survival machine and has evolved over millennia to be that way.

So now that we’re at a stage where we can survive in “autopilot mode”, what’s next?Well… it’s time to go off autopilot mode and reclaim the power that was transferred. You may think, “well we’ve done so much work getting to this point, why mess with it?”

The reason is that while we’ve been busy surviving, we’ve lost touch with our true nature and the mind has assumed control in our absence. If you look at your life for a moment, what do you see?

You probably have plans or goals or desires, you have things to do, places to see and you’re probably so caught up with wanting to do, have or achieve all these things, that the present moment is just a means to get to the next moment (that your mind has you believe is better than this one).

But here’s the thing, whatever underlying feeling you feel in this moment is what you’ll feel in the next moment. The future never really arrives because everything only ever happens when it is now.

Tomorrow is a concept in the head that allows the mind to imagine whatever it wants to. In that way it can deceive you into believing that tomorrows grass is greener than the grass here and now.

This may sound crazy, after all who are you? Are you the voice in your head or are you the one that is aware of the voice? This thought may mess with your mind but if you’re open to the possibility of being the one that is aware, then you can begin to put a gap between YOU and everything you’re aware of. And what’s the benefit of that?

You begin to find that you are fine in this very moment and so guess what, the next moment will also be fine and so you begin to let go of hoping that the things you do, have or achieve will add anything to you because you are fine right now! Ultimately, that’s all that really matters.

So, what’s this all got to do with the breath? By being aware of the air as it enters your lungs and then exits, you bring your awareness to something other than your mind, which has you be present and also takes you off autopilot.

You then get the opportunity to experience this moment without thoughts of the past or the future running wild and a new dimension then has the chance of opening up for you.So breathe a conscious breath and reclaim your SELF.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Improve Your Self Awareness For Personal Growth

Self awareness involves being conscious of who you are and how you will react in certain situations - but it’s also more than that.

What is Self Awareness

Self awareness is achieved by reflecting on your intentions and your actions. It is being aware of your own emotions and how to channel them in order to achieve what you want from life. So many of us re-act to life. Awareness of our selves enables us to be pro-active and therefore more in control of our life course. Self awareness stems from reflection, on trying to understand what we do and how we might do it differently to achieve greater success.

Self awareness involves self knowledge when we know ourselves we learn to trust ourselves and rely on our own judgment rather than the judgment of others.

How Do We Develop Self Awareness

One way of achieving self awareness is to take the time to think things through. So often in today’s world everything carries on at such a pace that it is much easier to say I haven’t the time or I can’t be bothered. If we stop to reflect on things we recognize that it is not time that is the problem but the way we view it and use it. The problem is that we get so caught up in the everyday happenings of our lives that we just don’t take the time to reflect.

When you reflect you look back over the happenings of your life in an attempt to discover how you have become the person you are. Unless we develop self awareness then we cannot change things and develop our full potential. Carl Rogers, who developed person centred counseling believed that everyone had within themselves the means to develop their full potential but in order to do that they had to develop a positive self concept.

We develop a positive understanding of who we are by doing things that we are happy with or successful at. Experience teaches us that when we do things that give pleasure not just to ourselves but to others then we are less stressed and happier. It makes us feel not only that what we are doing is worthwhile but that we ourselves are worthwhile. Part of self awareness is a recognition of the intrinsic value not just of ourselves but of others.

Techniques For Greater Self Awareness

We have already discussed the importance of reflection to becoming self aware - but there are other things that we can do to develop this quality in ourselves. In the East there is a greater recognition of the quality of self awareness and this is often achieved through the practice of yoga and meditation. Buddhist monks for example have to learn to meditate to develop a taste for silence.

Meditation comes in many forms. Transcendental meditation, for example relies on the reciting of a mantra or sacred phrase. Christians, Muslims and Jews also recognize the benefits of meditation and contemplation and how this leads to greater self knowledge. A more recent tool in developing self awareness is cognitive therapy where we take greater control over out thinking processes and try to correct thoughts that are erroneous.

Finally, rediscover what is important to you. One way of doing this is to keep a journal. Many more people are now recognizing the benefits of journaling. Here you can record your thoughts, chart your progress and decide what you see as important. When you decide what is important in your life then you have an idea of what you value. Knowing what you value in life is a vital tool in self awareness and success. When we know what our values are, then it is much easier to chart a path in life that adds to our personal growth and happiness.

The Benefits of Self Awareness

When you become self aware you grow as a person. You develop self-acceptance and this in turn makes you more accepting of others. You become more self reliant and self motivated. These are the qualities that help you to continue growing as a person and to be successful in your chosen field.