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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cleaning up Stinking Thinking

In my mad rush getting ready this morning I realized I was chanting,
"It shouldn't be taking this long. I should be able to get things
done quicker," and other things relating to my current work, getting
this month's newsletter completed, and other things. As soon as I
realized what I was doing with my "stinking thinking" I changed my
thoughts to, "How could I streamline this process?" and "What could
I do to make this easier on myself?"

Asking better questions gets you better answers. Your brain loves a
puzzle. When you feed your mind nothing more than whiny, why me
questions, you'll get back nothing more than justifications. You'll
tell yourself this is true because that happened, and that always
happens because this is true. It's a vicious circle that helps us
get nowhere fast.

Far better to simply catch yourself when you say something negative
and rephrase it: "Why can't I eat like everybody else?" becomes
"What can I eat that will make me feel great?"

Remember there are literally millions of people trying to lose some
weight. You are not the only one struggling with this issue, so stop
thinking in terms of other people somehow having it easier or better.
It's simply not true. Sometimes it will be easy to change your
questions and other times you may have to really stretch your
imagination to come up with something. It's so easy to be negative
with ourselves, and far more difficult to think up good questions,
isn't it? Work at it, and it becomes easier.

My point? We all use negative self-talk regularly, me included. As
much as I pay attention to this, and generally don't use it in
regard to myself or my appearance, I still catch myself doing it,
and when I do I think of another thing to say instead. That ends the
mind chatter, and gives your brain a question to ponder that could
produce a good response. "What can I do today to make myself feel
really good," is going to give you much better ideas throughout the
day than, "Why do I always have to do this?"

Make an effort to catch yourself in any negative self talk and then
do some EFT on the original question. For example: "Why can't I
eat like a normal person?" becomes "What can I eat that will make me
feel great?"

"Even though I can't eat like a normal person, I deeply and
completely accept myself."

"Even though no one else has it this bad, I deeply and completely
accept myself."

Remember we state the negative in the EFT phrasing because you want
those electrical pathways (neuro pathways) in your brain to be
firing in the exact manner they do when you think these thoughts. By
saying the words, "Even though I" and stating exactly what you
believe or think that causes you trouble, your brain fires the
neurons in a specific pattern. EFT knocks this pattern for a loop,
and then, often-times the pattern cannot replay in exactly the same
manner. That is why you'll feel less intensity on an issue right
away -- the path has been blocked, swept away. Do this repeatedly on
a stubborn problem, and many times it will eventually knock that
train right off its tracks, never to run again.

You'll still be able to think of the problem, you won't suddenly
develop a memory blank. The thing will still be there for you to
think about, but you'll no longer feel any energy attached.

So today's EFT for the issue I brought up in the beginning of this
blog is:

"Even though I think it shouldn't take so long, I deeply and
completely accept myself."

"Even though I know other people can get things done faster, I
deeply and completely accept myself."

"Even though I don't always finish what I start, I deeply and
completely accept myself."