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Monday, January 19, 2009

How to Be Awesome

The definition of 'awesome' is defined differently for every individual. However, here are a few tips to improve yourself to your awesome potential.


1. Develop the aspects of yourself that aren't so awesome. Remember that there is no standard set of things that everyone wants to be in life. For some, this may mean getting in shape. For others it may be growing musical talent, or reading more books.

2. Be optimistic. If you start realizing life is good, then you're that much closer to being awesome. Try thinking of how much worse life could be to help you appreciate what you have. Also realize that if you are having hard times right now, that things are going to get better, especially if you start feeling optimistic about your life. Being optimistic is easy!

3. Find more things to laugh about. Watch stand-up comedy, listen to comedy cds, etc. Listening to comedy will help you see life in a more hilarious manner, which is awesome.

4. Start discovering what you love.

5. Work to try to create the awesome things you love. People will know instinctively that someone who creates things is awesome.

6. Listen to your favorite music and don't be afraid to rock out to it. And if you do it in public, some might think your crazy, but there's also the possibility that others will think you're awesome for dancing to the beat of your own drum rather than the masses.

7. Don't be afraid of what other people think. There are six billion people on the planet so there is no way that you can get along or please everyone. Instead concentrate on pleasing you first then your loved ones.

8. Tell yourself that you are totally awesome. Confidence is crucial to being awesome, so always believe in yourself.

9. Make a list of the qualities you think are awesome in others. Ask yourself why you think these things are awesome. Is it something you can attain in yourself? If not, is there something different you could do?

10. Be Awesome to others and they will not only be Awesome to you but tell everyone how Awesome you really are!


· Join a sports team to help you get in shape.

· When working out, don't start too small; be sure to push yourself (but not too hard! See Warnings). Listen to your favorite songs to get yourself pumped up.

· When trying to be optimistic, think about the future and how you have absolute control over what you will be like when you're older. The fact that you always have the opportunity for self improvement is what makes life so great, and realizing that will make you awesome.

· When discovering new things that you might like, be sure to give things a try if it interests you but not your friends. Your friends should not limit your interests.

· Remember: the key to being awesome is to do awesome things at awesome times.

· Keep a positive attitude.

· Be yourself

· Hang out with awesome people.

· Make sure that what you do is awesome to everyone else, as it is to yourself.(if other people don't think you are awesome, you need to try something else.)


· Be sure not to push yourself too hard when working out. You might try to consult a doctor or someone who works at a gym to design a personal fitness plan catered to you.

· While confidence is good, don't over exert your confidence or you will appear arrogant and self-centered. While arrogant and self-centered people may love themselves, they are generally not considered awesome by the general public.

· When trying new things, if all your friends are voicing strong and valid opinions against you trying the new thing, such as "you shouldn't sky dive because you're afraid of heights," you should at least listen to their reasoning before trying the new thing.

· When trying to be awesome remember that trying too hard to be anything can be very-not awesome