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Thursday, January 29, 2009

How to Be Energetic and Fun Loving

People bursting with energy have three things in common: they deeply honor and respect themselves; they completely accept themselves for who they are and don't take themselves too seriously, and they see challenges as opportunities to be creative.

They switch their negative thoughts as rapidly as they switch channels on their TVs with their remotes. Because they see life as a game to play and enjoy, they radiate good health. They are fun to be around, because they love and accept you for who you are.


1. Honor Yourself and realize you are a unique child with your own destiny to fulfill. No one except you knows what is the right path for you to follow, thus you must keep tuning into those silent-loud messages your heart sends you.

2. Respect Yourself. Respect yourself for your uniqueness and understand that everyone is on their own life journey.

3. Forget about what others think of you. The most valued opinion should be yours alone.

4. Accept both your dark shadows and the bright light that shines forth from your loving qualities, thus accept the totality of who you are.

5. Watch Your Self-judgement and Self-criticism.

6. Take Nothing Personally.

7. Remember That Everyone is Always Doing Their Best, thus you must practice forgiveness.

8. Forgive Yourself and forgive others when screw ups happen; this lightens your heart and adds tremendous energy to your life.

9. Think Creatively when challenges present themselves, which they'll do until the day you depart this earth plane.

10. Be Thankful for all the gifts you have and take care of your body, mind, and spirit, as no one else knows how to more than you do, even when they seem to.

11. Live in the present moment: the past is dead (like a canceled check) and the future is a promissory note, it may or may not arrive. Spend the cash NOW, for example. Buy what you love, spend it on gifts. You'll feel so much more joy when you can actually use the opportunities you've earned. Don't be too careful, but don't be too careless either! Just enjoy yourself. Play! Live every day like it's your last!

12. Take Up Energy Work like QiGong, Yoga and EFT. It helps to bring energy and positiveness to your life.


· Live as much as possible in the present, forgetting and forgiving your past and not fantasizing too much about the future. Setting goals and having dreams is real but follow up with visualization, right thinking, and actions.

· Nothing's impossible when you're determined!

· See yourself as a loving child in a friendly universe. Remember, you get to choose how you see the world, no one forces you to think a certain way.

· Life's too short to be miserable!


· Be careful of others, especially those closest to you, telling you how to live your life. You choose how to pursue your happiness and freedom, which energizes your whole being and makes you fun to be around.

· Watch how you talk to yourself. Daily you have between 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts. When your thoughts are upbeat, hopeful, contented, inspiring, grateful, and joyous, you exude energy and you are naturally and effortlessly a fun loving, energetic person people love to be close with.

· Don't mope around beating yourself up about the past, whatever faults or regrets you have felt you left there, shouldn't be that important to you that you hold it against yourself, and how you can save the fault/regret by improving it in the future.

· If you regret not doing something like parting goodbye or maybe that somehow you could have saved your friend or father from dying, forgive yourself because by caring this much you've already proven yourself enough to know that you did love that person, animal, or even insect.

This shows that if this person or pet had been alive, and they saw how much you loved them, they would want you to cry it out but not get depressed about it any longer than you should.

· Don't wish if you could only go back in time and fix a problem, because first of all you can't--the past is dead, its extinct and what would be the point if we could all go back in time and just fix it? What lesson as human beings do we experience to really learn how to avoid and save ourselves from that issue.

· The future is like a baby. If you wanted it to be well and happy, you wouldn't drink, do drugs, gamble, or jeopardize it like that. Take care of it well.