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Sunday, January 25, 2009

How to Be Cheerful

Cheerfulness and kindness come from the heart. However, sometimes its hard to be cheerful and optimistic towards others. Here are some ways to draw out these wonderful qualities.

1. Be comfortable in your own skin. You are your own special person, with your own individual traits and strong points. Be proud of these abilities and be happy about who you are. Understand that even though you're not perfect, you can still soar to your full potential.
2. Help someone who is in need. Not everybody is as fortunate as you are, nor do some people have as much love as you do. Try to help them out by donating to charities, running a food drive, or even offering a simple smile. Your dedication will shine- and you'll make someone else happy along the way!
3. Look on the bright side, but be honest. If you're having a bad day, identify it! You shouldn't just ignore the fact. Then, after you've analysed the fact that you're experiencing a bad day, think up ways to make it better. For example, say you're stuck in a terrible rainstorm, and need to get home. You should certainly identify what a problem this is. However, you can remind yourself how lucky it is that you're only 5 minutes away from your house- while your friend Mike is 40 minutes away. There's always something positive.
4. Listen. Reassure others, and listen to their thoughts. You may find some insight, or even a laugh!
5. Keep an open mind. Let the chips fall where they may. Something may look worse than it actually is.
6. Don't put people down. Instead, encourage them to rise and accomplish their goals. Display optimism, and cheer them on each and every step of the way. Your optimism will become contagious.
7. Never judge too harshly. Never judge a person by appearance. That quiet girl in the back of the room may look scary, but inside she may like soccer just like you! You never know if you'll be in that position someday and need a friend. Be a friend.

· Don't be negative, cynical, or deceitful.
· Always be sure to smile. It'll make everyone around you feel good!
· Get out of the house. Sometimes being alone is good but loneliness can consume you. Take a bike ride in the sun or ask a friend out for coffee.
· Listen to your mind some of the time, and your heart all of the time.

· Although you should always feel good about yourself, never become conceited. We all have our negative points too- no one is perfect, not even you.
· Cheerfulness is often mistaken for being fake. Don't talk in little high voices and pretend to be perfect. You'll just end up annoying everybody.
· Be careful; with the opposite sex, sometimes kindness can be misconstrued as a come on. Make sure your intentions are clear, if unwanted.
· Don't consume too much alcohol too often. You may later regret something you may have done or said to someone. Keep a clear mind.