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Monday, May 11, 2009

10 Positive Outlook Affirmations

Those of you already familiar with the idea of affirmations can skip straight to the paragraph headed '10 Positive Outlook Affirmations'. For those of you who are a little uncertain, here is a very brief definition:

An affirmation is a positive and encouraging statement which when said over and over again to yourself with heartfelt emotional intensity, can alter your thoughts and, more significantly, your deeper thought processes. The Law of Attraction suggests that our immediate reality is shaped by our deeper thought processes (positive thoughts create a positive personal reality, negative thoughts generate a negative personal reality). Therefore, if we can control and 'make positive' our thoughts, we can dynamically influence the fundamental quality of our existence for the better.

10 Positive Outlook Affirmations

1) The Universe is always with me. I can relax and let go because the Universe will support me.

2) I make new and inspiring friends wherever I go. Even before I reach out to others, they are reaching out to me.

3) The Universe meets all my needs in abundance. I have only to ask.

4) The Universe is attentive and treats me well, and so others are attentive and treat me well.

5) I am deeply grateful for the abundance of love and happiness in my life.

6) Wherever I go, I encounter love and affection. I am loved and appreciated just as I am.

7) Love is present and abundant in my heart right now. I can feel it, healing and nurturing.

8) The Universe wants me to be fulfilled. The Universe created me to be fulfilled. The Universe and I are working together toward this goal.

9) There are no ruts in life. Every moment is new and unique. Every moment is charged with infinite possibilities.

10) I often set a little time aside to do the things I enjoy. The Universe supports me in this and wants me to be happy.

As with all affirmations, it is important that they feel right to you before you begin reciting them.

Feel free to alter them to suit your own style and personality. Just remember to keep them positive and in the present tense.

I hope you find these positive outlook affirmations useful.

Good luck.