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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Career and Financial Affirmations

I am a success in all that I do

I am always productive

I respect my abilities and always work to my full potential

I always have enough money for all that I need

I live each day with passion and purpose

My life is now filled with prosperity and abundance

I easily achieve my goals

I am a money magnet

I now have prosperity and abundance in all areas of my life

I am confident

I am a great business person

I am a wealthy and successful business person

I am a brilliant business person

I use my wealth and prosperity wisely

I deserve happiness, abundance and prosperity

I now have all the resources necessary to fulfill all my life's goals

Making money juices me, excites me, energizes me

I am a powerful and resourceful creator

I have absolute certainty and confidence in my ability to generate any income I choose

I have all the resources I need to be a multi-millionaire now

I have great abundance flowing into my life which affords me any luxury I desire

I am an organized, disciplined, talented, innovative and intelligent business person, applying
sound and honest business practices right now

I am a powerful, resourceful, creator and I am attracting all the wealth and opportunities for financial success now

I have all the skills, intelligence, contacts and money I need right now to create an incredible masterpiece of a life

I am a smart, savvy business person

I deserve to earn money easily, in abundance and to live debt free now

I am completely debt free and money is flowing to me from expected and unexpected sources

I have complete freedom over my time

I accomplish my financial goals with ease