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Friday, May 15, 2009

Achieve Your Goals Using Affirmations

What is a positive affirmation? It is as simple as some positive resolve you make as a first step to change your thought process to become positive. Affirmations can be used by anyone to scale up your excellence in any field. Affirmations are nothing but reinforcing confidence in yourself and thus helping you fulfill your ambitions.

Affirmation can transform your life in a big way. They get deeply embedded in the sub-conscious mind and thus reinforce your confidence. To embed them it is advisable to read them out aloud, totally understanding their meaning and purpose. Whenever you read them read them with a passion as if you already have what you are trying to achieve.

Make it a point to read your affirmations daily. The ideal time is to read them first as you wake up and just when you are about to sleep. Even during your daily routine, if you can try to go through your affirmations.Don’t give up if you are not able to see results immediately. Be patient and continue reading them. Practice them for 30 days without fail. They will become a part of your thinking and if you follow them for a period longer than 30 days you will increase your mental capability and you will reap the best results soon!

The results that you enjoy need not be identical to what others have got. Every person is different and so are his/her beliefs. Hence, even the results can vary greatly from one individual to another.If you want results quickly, I recommend you to write them on a notebook daily. To add a personal touch, write your name along with the affirmation. Or still better technique, is to start by writing your name. This will further reinforce the affirmation on to your brain.


Anonymous said...

Very useful post on Affirmations.

karim - Positive thinking