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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happiness Happens To Those Who Seek It

Even in this fast changing world where all the odds are stacked so heavily against happiness it is possible to be happy. In order to achieve happiness a person first must have a want to be happy.

Just ask yourself when was the last time when you thought about being happy? We assume everybody in this world is happy but us. We focus excessively on things that don't make us happy, rather than those that do. Rediscover your child again who used to laugh and not frown for no apparent reason. One must have all the resources to buy some of the things which one dreamt about as a young person but do we have the time to enjoy them? We focus all our energies in possessing this materialistic things and when we achieve them ask one question to yourself that is aren't you exhausted by the time you achieve those things which you dreamt of?

Sometimes in the leisure time we recall all those magical moments of our childhood when we used to enjoy life to the fullest. Ask yourself that in this mysterious and vast world who are we?

Believe me its really very easy to remain happy!!!

1.)Create perfect relationships.

2.)Be less of a Perfectionist.

3.)Become a child once again.

4.)Laugh as much as you can.

5.)Give yourself a treat, whether you think you deserve it or not.

6.)Always try to encourage people around you.

7.)Take half an hour of exercise three times a week and your general feeling of happiness will improve by 10-20 per cent.