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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Roads To Wealth And Opportunity

There is a place for everyone
Everyone wants wealth, health and happiness but unfortunately few people actually accomplish it. To most people these three sought after liberties are only a dream never to be realized. In the United States, one of the most affluent nations on earth, why are there not more people enjoying the good life? Why does happiness seem so far away from the grasp of the average person. Why are there still deprived and desperate people who are lost, without hope and forgotten? A world out of control
The world seems to be spinning out of control, gyrating into a chasm of doubt and confusion. Winners have become the schemers and degenerates that pray on the unsuspecting and defenseless.
The world is in chaos, wars, famine, record brutal weather, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, skyrocketing cost, breakup of families, corrupt governments and loss of hope have become a way of life. Is there hope in a world gone mad . . . perhaps there is. The time has come to know truth
The hour of freedom is at hand, Liberty is the cry of the depressed and forlorn. Their cry for freedom resonates loud and clear above the suppression and despair of their experience. Can’t you hear its ringing, can’t you here their call, can’t you feel their anguish?"Let me come for I thirst for truth.
I crave your answer, oh Lord, as the running deer craves water.” Let us, dive into the deep waters of our own nature and its connection with life. Do we have the courage to peer into the abyss or the depths of the universe and seek out our true meaning. Perhaps we will find answers there, discover treasures beyond comprehension, witness undreamed possibilities never before imagined and experience opportunities which are fueled by challenging and meaningful thought.
We yearn for truth and freedom to bring in focus our vision of a greater tomorrow. Life filled with happiness and peace. How can one prove to him/herself, if the windows of heaven were to open, blessings would pour out so abundantly there would not be enough room to receive them.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone believed and lived as though this incredible promise were true? People would begin to talk, think and act in the confidence that there were a Limitless
Power providing for them on their life’s journey.
Just think of a world where everyone’s actions were expressions of truths that demonstrated peace, health, happiness and harmony. Isn’t it worth while to seek an understanding that makes your journey so clear, so vivid that you would one day become that truth where all hope lies; and then, you would awaken anew to a refreshing new life.
Is our possibilities of abundance and happiness, really in our own hands to shape life as we desire? Do we really have control or do we just discover what’s already there. Perhaps the first great truth is; obey God’s Laws and learn how to make conscious use of them. “First give me wisdom and then wealth will follow.”
It is widely known and has been taught for eons that man exemplifies God in Nature. If this is true, mankind is expected to discover within him/herself a stunning truth which is that he/she shares the same nature and same qualities as our creator who breathed life into man and formed Life Itself.
Scriptures tell us Man mirrors God in image and likeness, as all power is in our hands we must be responsible in honoring God in our actions. What is Man’s true Nature?In studying man’s nature, a certainty emerges, a thee part or Trinity flows through all Life. In man there is a consciousness of self; of this we are sure because we have knowledge that we exist as an individual and our experience is unique to any other.
This fact alone proves God’s action that He created man in His image and likeness. In this truth, lies the key to immortality and greatness. We also discover not only is there consciousness there is also subconscious mind and a material body and that these three things are different aspects or attributes of the same life.
In man's self-conscious mind is the power of realization; this attribute is the ability to decipherer and apply the eliminates within his/her environment for self accomplishment. Self- realization of mind A self-realizing mind gives man the ability to realize and develop his relationship with people, nature and God.
Without this attribute people would be as the lower animals, without reasoning and most certainly not Divine but since there is perception or self-knowing, it is concluded then, he/she must be Divine. It is within this self-realizing mind where reality becomes validated and personality and uniqueness is acquired. Again, it is in the Image of God, the establishment of Kinship, and the oneness with nature where man becomes an embodiment of God.
Man’s unity with GodWhen studying man, one truth emerges. Man’s self-knowing mind is in unison with spirit and therefore is in unison with the creator. As a breath of air is not the wind, man’s self-knowledge of spirit is not God, yet he/she contains all the attributes of God. Man is an instrument of perception where ideas are born and reality is the result. He/she can recognize and understand the factors of truth. It is thorough illumination, inspiration, and realization that the mind becomes aware and manifest itself in the character of man.
Revelation, intuition and prophesy becomes evident in man’s self- knowing mind through inspiration, dreams and ideas. Man’s inner spiritThere is evidence of spirit inspiring goodness in the human experience by its’ own acts of kindness and mercy. These acts could be interpreted as mirroring God’s own greatness.
Every thing we perceive, acknowledge, think, sense, believe, hope, desire, fear or doubt comes from the law of God where subjective minds become expressions of the law. The self-knowing mind of man expresses itself in every thought, deed or act, and this is truly the only guarantee of individuality.
Happy Trails