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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm Confused! Do I Need to Take Action or Not?

People are constantly asking me for the answer to the question “Do I need to take action or not when using Law of Attraction?”

Some teachers say not to take action while others insist you must take action. Here’s how I see it.

The answer is… no and yes.

Let me explain. When setting the energy in motion for your desire using Law of Attraction, your “Vibrational Request” is in the manifestation process and you will begin to attract things - people, contacts, resources, opportunities and ideas, in perhaps a day or two or longer that are in alignment to your desire. Maybe just a little at first or maybe a lot but it’s working.

When you take direct action right away, you’re stopping the flow of possibilities that the Law of Attraction may be sending to you. For example, you may have decided you’d like to attract more money and now you’re searching for a part-time job. In doing so, you are not allowing the Law of Attraction to present to you multiple other ways that you can attract more money besides a part-time job.

It’s like doing an internet search and telling the internet where to find the exact information you’re looking for. That’s not your job! Your job is to submit your request and let the internet figure out where to find the webpage of the information you’re seeking.

So when your search yields 20 or 25 pages and hundred’s of websites, your first job is to check out those pages and to see how close your match is. The websites that are coming up in your search are a result of the direct feedback of the search criteria you entered.


1. Submit search criteria

2. Responds with web pages

3. Review web pages for matches

4. If match not found, redefine and search again

5. Check new responses for matches


1. Launch your desire

2. Responds with manifestations

3. Review the results for matches

4. Redefine my desire

5. Review manifestation for matches

Take action when ideal site/match is found!

In both cases, you’ll know you’ve attracted your ideal match by how it feels.

It’s now time to take action!

For example, my friend Anna desired a new vehicle and she did her clarity through contrast exercise to help her identify the ideal vehicle and purchase. She did this on a Saturday morning and was so stimulated, she decided that afternoon she would go window shopping for her ideal vehicle. Before heading out, she also did some research by looking through the Lemon Aid™ car guide, searching over internet sites, and then drove from used car lot to lot searching for her ideal vehicle. End result? She came home frustrated and disappointed when she didn’t find it. I reminded her that she wasn’t using Law of Attraction at all in this process and that she was using her own shopping abilities to look for the vehicle instead.

Law of Attraction had just gotten her request 2 hours before and hadn’t had time to unfold and orchestrate results for her. We both laughed when I said “Even a professional auto finder wouldn’t have found it in 2 hours!” I reminded her that her job was to identify what she wanted, set the energy in motion and watch for matches coming to her. Despite my advice, next Anna hired an auto finder (for the sum of $649.00) to find her her ideal vehicle, again not allowing Law of Attraction to do its job, and he failed to find a match for her. Finally, totally disheartened, she said “That’s enough!” and decided to let Law of Attraction do its job. She then sent out the vibes to the universe to find her the perfect car, at the perfect price from a person she could totally trust. When she arrived at work the next morning, she found a telephone number of a guy who sold used cars (which she’d totally forgotten she’d had), and gave him a call. Not only did he have exactly the car she desired, at the price she was willing to pay, he was also a Master Technician for a well known car dealership. She is now the proud owner of the exact perfect match (yes, a vehicle including sun roof, leather seats, CD player and all the criteria she’d asked for!) and a mechanic she trusts to service her new vehicle, all delivered courtesy of the Law of Attraction.

After a brief phone call with him, she knew she’d found the ideal match… by how it felt. NOW is time to take action.

In summary, identify what you desire, set the energy in motion, let Law of Attraction figure it out and know the time to take action is when it feels just right. Get out of your own way and let Law of Attraction do its work!

Michael Losier, a Law of Attraction Trainer and author, supports people in understanding and practicing the Art of Deliberate Attraction, so they can have more of what they want and less of what they don't. Michael has been applying the principles of Law of Attraction for many years and enjoys a wonderful and rewarding life in the city of Victoria, BC, Canada. He facilitates a number of in-person Law of Attraction seminars as well as Teleseminars to a worldwide audience.

For more articles by Michael Losier, Teleclass information or to purchase the book, Law of Attraction, The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't,