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Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's OK to Point and Say, "That’s Here Because of Me!"

I’ve just returned from an 8 day visit to Spain. “Yes”, I planted the seed to get there, and “Yes,” it was awesome (and fully paid for). The Spanish version of my book was released on January 22nd and I toured the country doing interviews. In two days I did 15 interviews! I was well looked after by my publisher, Editorial Planeta, who provided awesome interpreters. While in Barcelona, my interpreter David and I had some fun moments as he translated for me. After a full day of translating one Law of Attraction interview after another, he could explain it so well; he was tempted to start answering the questions himself.

The media in Spain were very interested in Law of Attraction. Each of them had prepared by reading the book cover to cover. They each communicated their personal thanks to me for writing the book, which was a new and exciting experience for me.

I was asked a number of questions about the book, but one particular question was asked repeatedly by all of them.

“What do you do that keeps you connected to deliberately applying Law of Attraction on a daily basis?”

I’m an observer. I love observing things that I attract. Understanding that what I attract is a perfect match to what I am vibrating. I’m often curious and delighted when I can acknowledge a manifestation of something I desire. I’ll brag about it, reminding myself that I created this manifestation with my vibration.

Pointing at it, I’ll say,

“This is here because of me. I created this.I love when this happens!”

This makes me accountable for the manifestations that show up in my life! (Accountable meaning — I can account for why it is here.)

What do I do when negative stuff shows up? I do the same thing— I point at it and say, “That’s here because of me.” Again, I can account for why it is here. It’s here as result of my vibration.

Pointing at what is showing up in your life and holding yourself accountable is a great Allowing Tool. It helps you identify the negative vibrations that are causing negative things to show up in your life. By noticing them, you can reduce them.

And what may be new for some of you is that by pausing for a moment to celebrate and acknowledge that you just manifested something you desire, boosts your positive vibrations and causes more of the same to come into your life.

Celebrating now always brings more to celebrate about!

So remember, take the time to pause during your day and start pointing and saying:
“That’s here because of me! I created it with my vibes!” How many times will you say this today? How many times will you celebrate?